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Bears Over Beers: Digesting Bad Cheese and Riding into Denver

Jeff and EJ close the books on the Packers loss and look ahead to Vic Fangio’s Broncos

Denver Broncos v Oakland Raiders
Best dressed in the AFC West!
Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

Sometimes it takes something a little stronger to take the edge off a loss like last Thursday’s so the guys brought a bourbon to share instead of their normal beer. The show starts with a frustrating yet therapeutic analysis of what went wrong against the Packers before turning the page to Week 2 and the Denver Broncos.

One thing is clear, the Bears need to play better on offense moving forward, and the relationship between Matt Nagy and Mitchell Trubisky remains the most important on this team. If those two can get on the same page, Sunday’s game in Denver is one that can be won as Vic Fangio’s defense was potentially exposed as a knock off version of the Bears despite the elite talent at rush linebacker and the premiere cover corner, Chris Harris Jr.

Dive in with us as we serve up another episode of Bears Over Beers!

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