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Fantasy Football Forum Week 2: Sammy Watkins - WR1

Was Week 1 a sign of things to come or a blip on the radar? Let’s dig in!

Kansas City Chiefs v Jacksonville Jaguars Photo by John Capella/Sports Imagery/Getty Images

Who had Sammy Watkins as the number 1 player in all of fantasy after one week? If you had your hand up, you’re lying.

Watkins impressive game against the Jaguars was helped out by an injury to Tyreek Hill and the Jags looking lost for most of the game, but Watkins has always had the talent. Foot injuries and being stuck in Buffalo hampered his career development and with Hill set to miss some time, Watkins steps into the number one role in the offense and should continue to dominate targets. I can’t imagine he’ll replicate the 198 yards and 3 scores, but this offense is built to churn out numbers and someone needs to be on the receiving end. I’m also hoping the Chiefs look to Mecole Hardman to fill Hill’s role because I have a lot of shares of him and could use production at the WR position!

Speaking of receivers, the top 5 after one week looks like this:

  1. Sammy Watkins
  2. DeSean Jackson
  3. John Ross III
  4. Marquise Brown
  5. DeAndre Hopkins

Just like we all figured it would be. Marquise Brown or “Hollywood” Brown was able to do his damage on just 12 snaps. No, not 12 targets - 12 snaps! Most analysts are screaming regression and that the numbers aren’t anything to trust. Of course you shouldn’t expect that kind of production on a per-snap basis, but to think that the Ravens aren’t going to grow his role and snap count throughout the year is also a bit silly. If you drafted Brown late or picked him up off waivers, hold him through the next few weeks with whatever numbers he gives you. I think eventually he emerges as the guy to own in that offense and as I said last week when I featured Lamar Jackson, I believe in this Ravens offense.

Recapping Week 1 of the WCG Daily Fantasy tourney, I finished a respectable 11th out of 57 due in large part to the Lamar Jackson pick. Someone named Sam (not Householder) took the trophy in week one (take your victory lap in the comments below). I’m taking a shot this week on Kyler Murray. I truly believe that the Cardinals will be throwing a lot this year and this is a total volume play. I think the Ravens offense will get on top early and force Murray into his 4th quarter mode from last week in the 2nd quarter. Hopefully he gained some confidence from his first start and carries that momentum into Week 2.

What happened in Week 1 for your squads? Did you get McCaffrey’d or Watkins’d like I did or did you escape Week 1 with no marks?

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