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Chicago Bears vs Denver Broncos: NFL Week Two Pre-Party Livestream and Open Thread

Week One didn’t exactly go as planned. Can the Bears turn things around in time to avoid starting 0-2?

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. Here’s to hoping this is really the start of the 2019 NFL season.

The Bears find themselves in an eerily similar position to last year, where they dropped week one to the Packers. Last year’s game was a hyped moment of picking up Khalil Mack, going up by 20 points on the road... and losing it. This year’s, the hype of year two of the Nagy-Trubisky offense, the defending NFC North champions... and losing it. The preservation of key players, the offseason of improvement, adding David Montgomery... and the Bears put up three points.

I’m pretty sure the last time I saw 1st and 40 was in NFL Blitz.

I’m pretty sure I’ve also seen more runs in NFL Blitz than Matt Nagy pulled out on last Thursday.

But enough jokes. After the loss to the Packers, going on the road to Denver isn’t exactly a joke. September in Denver has been very kind to a Broncos team that needs their own good feelings, as Vic Fangio’s squad dropped their opener 24-16 against the Raiders. Joe Flacco took three sacks and scored a fourth-quarter garbage-time touchdown in the loss.

So if the Navy and Orange have designs on showing the form that made them last year’s NFC North champions, avoiding all of last week’s costly miscues against a defense that didn’t record a sack or takeaway is a solid start. Getting the ball out of Trubisky’s hands, getting him into a rhythm, mixing in the run... you know, what didn’t happen last week when the entire Bears’ offense could have been accompanied by Yakety Sax.

Time to see if ten days off gave the Bears anything to work with. Bear Down.


The Bears didn’t exactly give us a great first game, and the WCG Sunday Livestream isn’t happy about it. At least they gave us a lot to discuss. Let’s give you three questions to answer as we get this set today:

  • Do you have faith in Allen Robinson to be the #1 WR for the Bears?
  • Can Leonard Floyd further build on his 2018 season and carry last week’s momentum into the rest of the season?
  • Will the Bears figure out their running game this week?

If you want to get in touch with us during the stream, there are several ways to do that:

  • Right here. Down below. In this comment thread. In this time of week. Localized entirely within WCG.
  • Chat over on our Twitch side, over at SJS_illini
  • And of course our Twitters exist. I’m at @SJS_illini; Sam’s at @SamHouseholder; the main handle is @WCGridiron.

We’ll be live at about 9:30 AM CT. See you then.