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Recapping a wild Chicago Bears’ win

In his latest episode of Bear With Me, Robert S. reflects on a wild game in Mile High and talks offensive, defensive, and special teams’ positives and negatives.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Now that was a wild football game.

Between the Bears’ consistent rushing attack grinding out the offense’s first touchdown of the season and the defense’s impressive first half and equally impressive second-half collapse in the Mile High altitude, this football game did nothing if it didn’t keep fans guessing throughout. I know I personally spent the last two minutes consistently flipping back and fourth between extreme rage, bitter disappointment, and utter elation elation and I doubt I’m the only fan who did. The game was a crazy ride, but ultimately it saw the Bears improve to 1-1 and set themselves up well for the upcoming stretch before their bye week.

This win was, no doubt, every bit as frustrating as it was exciting, and in this episode of Bear With Me I dive into what I thought went well and what I thought went poorly for the Bears in all three phases of their game. Check it out below and let me know what you think!

Feedback rocks, so please provide it! Whether positive or negative, I want to make something that you want to listen to. Comments about length, content, anything you have an opinion on is welcome. Bear Down, and thanks for Bearing With Me!