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Your reactions about Bears vs. Broncos

We took to Twitter to see exactly how you guys are feeling about our Chicago Bears after they evened their record at 1-1.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Denver Broncos Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

I’ll take a butt-ugly win over a sexy loss any day of the week, but that doesn't mean I can’t still have some concerns about how the Chicago Bears’ offense looked on Sunday in their 16 to 14 win against the Denver Broncos.

By now you’re all aware of just how hard it is to win in Denver in September, so getting a W in the high heat and high altitude was a ‘by any means necessary’ proposition for Matt Nagy’s team. Sure the offense struggled and the defense gave up 11 fourth quarter points, but the Bears avoided the dreaded 0-2 hole that would have put a serious crimp on their postseason aspirations.

When Sunday’s game ended we shot out the following Tweet to see what you guys think about the Bears so far.

Not everyone went the anonymous route, so we’ll share some of your thoughts from the comments and from our direct messages.

Also, I’m a day late on posting this, but no worries as we have an extra day before the week three game.

Stay the course

I really think that the bears are going to be okay. we see how dominant their defense still is and Mitch was still balling today like last year. we just need to find a good rhythm on offense with play calling it’ll be great.

This is a great team. Mitch needed that ending tonight. Regardless of how he played he stepped up when we needed him the most and he put us in a position to win the game. Feel like that’s gonna be the kick he needs to turn the rest of it around.

A win is a win, regardless of how it goes down. So glad that, for the first time since Robbie Gould, we finally have a kicker that we can count on, who actively wants the opportunities to hit big kicks. The Bears have done a great job of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory over the years so I’m glad this wasn’t another case of that. Also, say what you want about Mitch, he’s really clutch as nails sometimes, and it’s beautiful to watch.

The defense did as much as you could possibly ask of them, given the circumstances of playing in a very tough road environment, even though to give up the touchdown at the end (again) is discouraging. Trubisky, Nagy, and the rest of the offense definitely have a ways to go, to put it kindly; I thought Mitch did well enough with what he was asked to do, but moving forward, for the Bears to get to the level of where they want to be (Super Bowl contender), he’s gonna have to do more and Nagy’s gotta trust him that he can do more more. Huge, clutch play at the end,my hope is that it gives him the confidence to build off it; I felt like his confidence has been down and it’s been affecting his play. He definitely needed it and I think Nagy did too.

I feel like everyone is overreacting about Mitch’s performance so far. He’s not getting a fair shake because of the spot he was drafted in. It has nothing to do with his talents or even how much he has grown. The dude only started 12 college games. I just feel like the fans and media should be easier on him and let the man grow. He didn’t draft himself at number 2 that was done by Pace. He’s a young qb that needs our support.

Well i think this game was proof that David Montgomery can run it for one thing. Another thing is we never gave up. One thing I love about this team is they don’t just give up. In terms of the offense overall, still a little shaky, but better. Trubisky stepped up when he needed to so that was good. Defense played as good as they could, seeing as they were playing in the heat and very high elevation. Overall, this game wasn’t perfect but they got it done. Now we have momentum going into next game. AND WE GOT OURSELVES A KICKERRRRR ⬇️

The game felt a lot like the Miami game from last year - the difference? Eddy Dinero hits the game winners whereas thou who shall not be named missed his opportunities.

The bears rolled into Colorado just a rootin’ and tootin’ and as the sun set on the game Trubisky was a shootin’. Though the altitude made game script scary, Pinero says “I’m your huckleberry.”

Wait and see

Tons of improvement needed, Nagy has to trust Mitch early and often or there’s no point anyway, and get Patterson/Cohen/Gabriel all on the field together to really threaten with speed

Defense played its A game 2nd week in a row, special teams was impressive (of course capped by Piñeiro’s heroics). Trubisky needs to get in gear. The offense looks virtually indistinguishable with him under center these past 2 games as it did with Brian Griese, Jimmy Clausen, or Matt Barkley under center. Offense, again, is unacceptable. At least he’s not David Fales, I guess.

Concerned about the offense. Gotta make a statement in DC and stomp the Redskins. Gotta be 2-1 going into the game against Minnesota. Cohen is looking good when he gets involved.

Feeling more relieved than happy. The team seems a little worse than last year. The D is strong but the secondary has looked a little shaky in both games. The O-line play has been fair at best. WRs don’t seem to be getting separation. Playcalling and clock management are...not good. The QB has no TDs and a passer rating of 65. Not exactly a SB quality team. I also think that getting that excited about a made FG says a lot. The W aside, there are still more negatives than positives. But hey -- the kicker gets to suit up for one more week!

Oh no we suck again

Trubisky is not good. Average is best case scenario.

We have seen a large enough sample of Mitch now to know that it’s likely this is the best we’re going to get from him. Again he missed wide open receivers down field. And the inability to move the ball was our defense’s biggest nemesis in the 2nd half. I am concerned that the coaches seem to be weary of this as well, and it is starting to become evident in their play calling. Fangio was going to present various challenges defensively as well as what to do with Mitch. BUT this was pedestrian. This is looking like a Dilfer or Grossman type of setting and Nagy was supposed to be the Guru that brought our offense on par with the defense.

In response to yesterday’s game...I’m really hoping this isn’t a Grossman 2.0 situation.

Trubisky, offensive line, and Nagy still suck, but a win is a win is a win is a win.

The game was a bust on our part completely. The NFL won us that game and Vegas had a say.

No matter how you feel about the Bears, at least we aren’t Broncos’ fans right now.

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Posted by Windy City Gridiron: For Chicago Bears Fans on Monday, September 16, 2019