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Fantasy Football Forum: Week 3 - Passing the Torch

The old guard quarterbacks have been dropping like flies while the new crop took steps forward in Week 2.

New Orleans Saints v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

It’s tough to say “I told ya so” when I have zero shares of Lamar Jackson, but he and his Ravens were a favorite of mine coming into this season. I picked the Ravens all over the place to win the division and while we’re a long ways from that, I’m pleased with that pick. Part of my confidence is due to the season ending surgery to the elbow of Ben Roethlisberger. Big Ben was one of three major injuries this last week - a thumb injury to Drew Brees that will likely cost him six weeks, and a re-injury to Cam Newton’s foot that will potentially keep him out of this week’s game. That’s three established fantasy options that are going to cause a lot of audibles on fantasy squads across your leagues.

If you were smart enough to pair those guys with a similar caliber player, you might be okay. In the WCG Tourney, I’m in the odd position of owning both Brees and Newton, causing me to burn a little FAAB money on Jimmy Garoppolo. At least he’s facing a Pittsburgh defense that hasn’t looked good thus far. I go against the conventional wisdom in that if I have anything short of a top five QB option, I usually carry two guys and play match ups. In the event that one of those guys goes down with injuries, I have a ready alternate plan. In the rare event that both go down... yikes.

Kyler Murray looks like that volume prediction many of us had before the year is on track to making him fantasy relevant while Josh Allen looks like a viable play for an improved Buffalo squad. I’d feel pretty good about rolling with either of those guys moving forward against most defenses.

WCG Daily Fantasy League Update:

In the WCG Daily league, I am pleased to report that I took the title for Week 2 with a lineup featuring the Patriots defense. Who says defenses can’t win championships?! That win in Week 2 put me in first place overall through two weeks and I think maybe we should just call it all off now that I’m in front... Last week’s winner Sam is in 2nd place and our own Whiskey Ranger is hanging strong in 6th.

This week I’m throwing a dart with Will Fuller V to catch a long one or two against the Chargers. While I love the Chargers defense, I think they’re susceptible to the long-ball.

Keep the conversation going in the comments below with any start/sit or trade questions. Find me on Twitter @gridironborn.