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With offensive improvement and defensive domination Bears coast to 31 to 15 victory in Washington

The best way to show you’re a great team is by embarrassing a bad team in their building. Job well done.

NFL: Chicago Bears at Washington Redskins
Gabriel’s exceptional 36 yard touchdown was the most explosive offensive play of the day.

The Bears defense finally got their takeaways and the offense finally got their touchdowns on their field trip to the Nation’s Capital.

Box score here

Oh, Biscuit

Trubisky’s had a rough start to this season. Today will be his best stat line, but I’m not sure he was a different player. Full disclosure: I’m a Trubisky fan. I still believe he has all the tools and the right attitude to be a top 10 quarterback in this league. I was expecting a big step forward this season, and I’m as disappointing as anyone that I haven’t seen it yet. Week one Trubisky played poorly against a much-better-than-expected pass defense. Week two he played below average with a limited game plan. The overwhelming gestalt from the social and national media would make you think he slaughtered kittens on the field week one and caused global warming week two.

This week, that narrative clearly got to his head. He missed easy throws early, and even many of his early completions were poorly placed. He was bailed out multiple times by defensive penalties on his first touchdown drive of the season. People call Trubisky inaccurate; it’s hard to say they’re wrong. My opinion is that he’s naturally very accurate, but situationally gets inaccurate—sometimes when it makes sense and sometimes when it doesn’t. Some of those situations have reasons to decrease with experience, particularly the rushed throws and inconsistent mechanics. The others are definitely happening in his head, and I can’t speak to whether they’ll decrease over time. I can only hope.

It’s hard to say on first watch whether Biscuit improved in reading the field and going through progressions tonight, but I have more faith that’s something that will come with experience. People brush off the fact that he had shockingly few college snaps for a first round pick, but it seems plausible that is actually a legitimate excuse.

Matt Nagy’s play-calling definitely improved

His early game calls were clearly intended to set Trubisky up for easy confidence building success. It more or less worked, despite Biscuit fighting his attempts with poor ball placement on easy throws. His cute running plays worked for the most part, although he waited longer than we wanted to unleash David Montgomery. Overall, Nagy is clearly learning from the first two games and making adjustments that are working. Just when I was about to say that all he needed to do was incorporate some downfield shots to keep the successful short game going, he handed us a 36 yard touchdown pass to Taylor Gabriel. Who am I to complain?

Akiem Hicks better be okay

He played a great game and got robbed of at least one sack by Khalil Mack. The defense may have been winded, but they definitely got a little looser once Hicks left the field. At least we got his terrific mic’ed up commentary and a fumble recovery from him before he walked off in a knee brace. Love that Bear.

Pick Dix

It’s good to see the defense is finally pulling their weight by putting points on the board. Ha Ha Clinton-Dix took advantage of a Keenum third down desperation throw and takes his first pick as a Bear into the end zone against his former team. This Bear looks good with the ball in his hands. His second pick didn’t make it to the end zone. Still appreciated.

Taylor Gabriel has the two easiest touchdown catches I’ve seen all season

And one of the most impressive. Great job by the officials owning up to their original miscall and giving that Bear his due.

Three paws to the face penalties in the first quarter

One of which took away a Bears strip and fumble recover. They even added a 4th hands to the face call on the infallible Khalil Mack in the 2nd quarter. Penalties are flying all over the place in the NFL this year. My theory is the officials are annoyed at having to review pass interference and there is a conspiracy to punish the rest of us.

James Daniels with back to back whoopsies

On the Bears second drive, Daniels earned a holding penalty that converted a 2nd and medium to a 1st and twenty at the Bears 11. Then he missed his opportunity to double Matt Ioannidis leading to a sack at the two yard line.

Good thing Jonathan Allen is back on the Washington D

This game could have been dangerously easy for the Bears. We don’t want them going into Minnesota rusty

I need to call Apple TV about producing a Bears fan fiction series

Their bar for content quality seems remarkably low.

Cornelius Lucas looked better than pre-season

I wouldn’t have expected Cornelius Lucas to be the first man up when Bobby Massie came down with the sniffles, but he rewarded the Bears for their vote of confidence. His preseason play had me worried, with numerous pressures and penalties. Tonight he stood strong against a midling Washington pass rush.

I hope the NFL catches on the the new strategy

Of not blocking Khalil Mack. I get it. Why bother? It was a great idea that didn’t work out so well as Mack quickly yanked the ball out of Case Keenum’s hands with one paw and threw him to the ground with the other.

Speaking of Mack’s nose for the football

I believe he stripped the ball three times. I can’t say for sure that he got it on the play that was called back on a penalty, but he clearly knocked it out two other times including the one that led to an immediate Bears red zone possession and touchdown.

Danny Trevathan reminds us he’s still here

With all the stars on this defense and Ha Ha Dix showing off with his picks, it can be easy to forget that Danny Trevathan is still one of the better linebackers in the NFL. With a sack, a pass defensed, and a forced fumble in the red zone, he was definitely the star at the second level today. It’s a shame. I could have made a Mr. Smith goes to Washington joke if it had been Roquan.

People will say winning on the road in the National Football League is never easy. I don’t know. It seemed pretty easy today.

Anyone for 15 and 1?