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Fantasy Football Forum Week 4: Did you really doubt Mike Evans?

Bring your start/sits, your crazy trade ideas, you bad beats here for dissection!

New York Giants v Tampa Bay Buccaneers Photo by Mike Zarrilli/Getty Images

The early season can bring panic. Sometimes, you can take advantage of that panic and trade into some attractive assets. The stories I heard ahead of Week 3 regarding Mike Evans were shocking. One-for-one deals for flex-level players were filling my timeline. Owners were bailing because of two lackluster starts. I’m here to tell you one basic premise - don’t do that.

Trading away a top 20 pick after two weeks is a recipe for disaster. You’re almost always going to come out on the bad end of that. Sure, if you were able to get anything for Antonio Brown, you win, but you shouldn’t have drafted him in the first place. The ceiling for Mike Evans is WR1. No, not one of the best 12 receivers, actual WR1 overall. As he demonstrated on Sunday with 8 catches, 190 yards, and 3 TDs, he can take over a game. Tampa Bay’s defense is not good at playing defense, which means that Bruce Arians’ offense will be throwing the ball around the yard all year.

Granted, I’m biased. I have four shares of Mike Evans in my five leagues, including both WCG leagues. I don’t have anyone else on my teams with near that frequency. So when the vultures come for the next star player off to a rough start, hit reject trade and move on with your day.

A shark among us?

The WCG Daily Fantasy league had a repeat winner in Week 3 and I am sorry to report is it not me. Sam took the crown again in Week 3 and reclaims the overall lead. My squad didn’t do quite as well, falling to 11th on the week led by Dalvin Cook’s solid game and Mecole Hardman’s long TD score. I got nothing out of my clever pick of Darwin Thompson though. Don’t get too cute!

This week, I’m firing up my first Bears pick of the year - Bears defense! I think starting off by building your team around the Bears defense every Sunday they play seems like a good idea to me. I’m also going to keep rolling with Christian Kirk. He’s relatively inexpensive and I expect his breakout week to come soon. The rest of my lineup is... creative. Let’s see if it works out.

Overall standings: Not surprisingly, Sam is back in the top spot, winning two of three weeks. I slide down to third while Whiskey Ranger moves up to 6th place.

Good luck to all of you this week in your leagues with the exception of TrubiscuitsandGravy in the WCG Champions League!

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