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Bears shake off injuries and joyfully smother Vikings in 16 to 6 home victory

After coming in shorthanded and losing their quarterback early, the Bears rallied ferociously at the unfortunate expense of their hapless division rivals.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears
Kirk Cousins in vintage form taking a sack from Roy Robertson-Harris like a champ.

The Bears were in no mood to lose in their building today. I’ll be honest: I was nervous when I saw Akiem Hicks was out. Then more nervous when I saw Roquan Smith was out. That all went away the first time the defense stepped on the field. I wasn’t in Chicago tonight, but I’ll tell you there was something in the air that invigorated Bears and suffocated Viking dreams.

Box score

Mitchell Trubisky started playing pretty well after he changed his shirt

Maybe he should stick with this new #4 jersey because he was seeing the field well and moving the ball against a great defense.

Seriously though...

It’s a bad time in Mitch’s career to have an injury setback. The good news is that it’s not his throwing shoulder. That’s the only good news. Trubisky struggled for the first three weeks of the season and it doesn’t help that his backup came in and made it look like executing this offense is easy. If he misses multiple games and comes back less than 100%, it’s going to be a lot harder to achieve the development he needs to show this season to quiet his haters detractors.

Big backups come up big

Nick Williams and Abdullah Anderson came in for Hicks and Nichols, and they didn’t waste time bullying the Vikings “offensive” line. Williams in particular showed up big with a fumble recovery and two sacks.

Vikings unstoppable running game: meet Eddie Goldman

This big Bear just keeps making plays, stuffing runs, and suffocating interior lineman and I can’t get enough of it.

A dead ball penalty really shouldn’t give an automatic first down

Sure Eddie Jackson shouldn’t have pushed whatever Viking it was after the play, but it’s just bad for the game for non-play penalties to have such an impact on the game as converting a 4th and long to a 1st—effectively causing a change of possession.

Nagy playcalling in mid-season form

Nagy called a bad game week one. His week two game was good enough. Last week was definitely improvement and today was top-notch. I’ll take a coach that learns from his failures and improves over one who starts out in acceptable mediocrity and treads water.

Roy Robertson-Harris continues his breakout campaign

It’s really starting to feel unfair how much depth and talent this Bears defense has and RRH is quickly ascending into the list of names pundits have to rattle off when they talk about how unfortunate life is for offenses who have to face them.

Javon Wims reminds us why we all loved him in training camp

Anyone who watched the Bears in Bourbonnais left feeling like Wims could be a valuable starter on this offense. Today he stepped up with Taylor Gabriel’s injury and didn’t disappoint.

Khalil Mack strip-sacks are going to need a trademark name

The Khalil steal? I’m open to suggestions.

Our beloved Bears guarded their den as fiercely as we could hope tonight.

Be proud Chicago.