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Your reactions about Bears vs. Vikings

We took to Twitter to see exactly how you guys are feeling about our Chicago Bears after they dismantled the Minnesota Vikings 16 to 6.

NFL: Minnesota Vikings at Chicago Bears David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

The 2018 and 2019 seasons of the Chicago Bears have been riding parallel to each other for four straight weeks now. We’ve seen a tough opening season loss followed by three straight wins that were led by a kick-ass defense and an offense that has gotten a bit better each week.

This year’s week 4 win wasn’t as explosive as last year’s 48 to 10 win against the Buccaneers, but when considering how tough the Minnesota Vikings defense is, beating them 16-6 felt just as satisfying.

But what’s not satisfying is another quarterback controversy brewing in the Windy City.

I suppose this is just the norm for a city that hasn’t had an honest to goodness franchise QB since Sid Luckman, but I find it unbelievable how quick some of our fans are ready to move on to the next guy.

Oh well...

After yesterday’s game we shot out the following Tweet.

And here’s what some of you guys had to say.

Tre loves it when the defense imposes their will upon opponents, but they need to let Daniel throw a little more in my opinion

I think that Tweet featured someone talking about himself in the third person.

I really really really want to see Trubisky succeed. But it’s getting harder to support/defend him when the backup (albeit backup with a lot of Nagy offense experience) puts up similar numbers that I would have expected Mitch to after his start to the season.

Also, Nagy has to be working really hard to keep that locker room as one team. If I’m on the defense after today especially, I’m not happy with the offense. That game should have been over after the fumble to start the second half. Offense couldn’t get into the end zone, defense had to play lights out the entire second half.

Is it time to think about drafting Jalen Hurts next year??