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Bears offense sputters and Chicago falls behind the Pack in 10 to 3 season opener loss

The Bears defense looks as good as we could have hoped, but the offense falls short of even mediocre expectations in the Bears home opener

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

The first time the Packers played the then Decatur Staleys, they were brutalized in a decisive 20 to 0 shutout. Presumably at that time, all of the future Bears players were the size of our current mascot, Staley Da Bear, and the Packers were a hodgepodge of mere mortals that the Bears took pity on.

100 years later, the defense is still dominating the pitiful Pack. The offense didn’t do their part.

If you have some reason you want to see the box score. It’s here.

Trubisky knocking the crap out of some rust

Trubisky clearly had some off-season rust which he expertly knocked off with some early poor decisions and questionable mechanics. This was smart to do against a lesser team like the Packers who weren’t able to take advantage of this with any takeaways. Unfortunately, he didn’t get it all off in the first half and ended up throwing an actual interception at a very inopportune time in the final two minutes of the game.

Mike Pettine dials up a storm

Pettine clearly bought a subscription to 1-800-blitzin because he was calling all kinds of fancy plays against the Bears poor offense just when they were trying to get their early-season footing. So rude. The Packers defense overall looked annoyingly sharp. Good for them, I guess.

Anyone who predicted Roquan for a big year looks smart right now

Roquan Smith started the Bears season with two tackles for a net loss and continued to be a major player in multiple defensive stops throughout the game. Anyone who named him the Bears rising star is looking smart right now.

Roy Robertson-Harris is the poster child for Bears defensive depth

RRH started the game very strong with an early sack and tackle for loss. He’s an afterthought when you list the Bears defensive talent, but if he keeps making big plays against the Packers, he’s going to up that profile quickly. This defense is truly an embearassment of riches.

David Montgomery: Good Bear

It turns out good vision and the ability to break tackles is valuable in the NFL as well as college football. The Bears are at least starting out with a heavy committee approach, but Montgomery looks like he fits right in against NFL starters and he’s already shown some chops in the passing game that the great Jo Ho couldn’t offer. Good Bear.

Deon Bush: Bad Bear

I’m generally a fan of Deon Bush, but giving up a touchdown on opening night to octogenarian tight end Jimmy Graham is unacceptable

I didn’t expect Coh Coh to have the first game jitters

I guess it happens to the best of them. Tarik Cohen got away with a fumbled handoff on the first play due to a bizarre-but-I’ll-take-it holding penalty on defensive tackle Kenny Clark. He also made a couple poor decisions in punt returns. I’m not worried he’ll turn it around. It’s just a curious development.

The Bears really unleased Cordarrelle Patterson on...


Leonard Floyd must have half of his career sacks on Aaron Rodgers

Which makes him worth every penny of the draft capital invested in him. Also, I didn’t actually do the math. Don’t come at me with facts at a time like this.

Pineiro knows how to keep us on our toes

Sure, he’ll nail the first field goal attempt. That was a must. But Eddy Pineiro had to do something to keep us on the edge of our seats and landing the following kick off out of bounds was just enough to keep us from exhaling that sigh of relief. Let the kicker drama continue as long as possible.

Call me petty

But it’s nice to see some holding penalties called against Packers’ offensive linemen. David Bakhtiari in particular has a lot of penalty debt to pay and I’m glad to see he’s getting started.

Nothing like a 1st and 40

The refs felt compelled to even out the penalties in the 4th quarter. My feeling is they should have tried to keep at least one fan base happy. Apparently that’s not their MO.

Adrian Amos finally figures out how to get an interception

Too little too late boo boo.

Allen Robinson is a super stud

Also on every one of my fantasy teams. Anyone who didn’t know before should be updated after this prime time showing.

If you’re reading this, our Beloved Bears have lost their season opener to the pompous Packers. I’m writing this before the game because I know that if such circumstances are to transpire, I will not be in any state to provide insight or levity. Last year, the Bears used the devastating week one loss to their insufferable rivals as motivation throughout their division-winning 12 and 4 season. They certainly have all the potential to do that again. Week one is unpredictable and it’s a long season. The main outcome of this game is that lazy fans and national pundits who assume the Bears will regress this year can go on believing that until they surprisingly notice them clinching a playoff seed. We’ll be subject to countless ignorant opinions during that period. But we’re used to that. We’ll survive.