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Fantasy Football Forum Week 1: Last Call to Play with WCG

Football is back and so is the fake version. Let’s see if we can win some virtual trophies together!

Jacksonville Jaguars v Baltimore Ravens Photo by Todd Olszewski/Getty Images

What a crazy draft season with Zeke Elliot holding out for an extension and then getting a big contract (RIP Tony Pollard’s fantasy prospects). We had Antonio Brown doing some weird stuff, Melvin Gordon is still holding out, and Kyler Murray shooting up draft boards and then falling down after a bad preseason appearance. Then we had LeSean McCoy get cut by Buffalo to get a little clarity for Devin Singletary only for McCoy to sign with Kansas City and mess up that backfield’s expected pecking order.

In short, draft season was fun.

One thing before we go any further, if you want to play fantasy in a different way this year, we put together a “daily fantasy league” at Yahoo! Click on this link and join!

We already have over 40 people playing but we can have up to 100. Each Sunday, you pick a new lineup based on a set budget (Thursday and Monday games are excluded) so you can build a team with your favorite players each week.

I’m new to this style of play and I’m sure to make a lot of mistakes, but I’ll share one lineup decision I made for Week 1. I stacked Lamar Jackson and his Tight End Mark Andrews into my lineup. They were on the cheaper side of players and allowed me to fill the rest of the lineup with some bigger names but I really like my chances of getting some high level points out of these two. They travel down to Miami and while the heat is always a bit of a fear early in the season, the talent level in South Beach is not.

As for the more traditional fantasy teams, I have had quite the draft season. I managed to wrangle a couple shares of David Montgomery onto some teams but struck out on Allen Robinson II. I have a Mitchell Trubisky and Kyler Murray pairing in one league, but quarterbacks were more of a wait and see what fell approach this year. In fact, I have one share of Trubisky, Murray, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, Drew Brees, Dak Prescott, Philip Rivers, and Carson Wentz. I have zero repeats, which goes to show you just how deep the QB position is this year. That just reinforces the value of being in a two QB league to get more of that talent on the field.

Players I found on multiple squads include Odell Beckham Jr., Mike Evans, Travis Kelce, and Alvin Kamara on the top end. Players found a little later that seemed to find my roster included Derrius Guice, Darrell Henderson, Austin Ekeler, Mark Ingram II, Devin Singletary, Darwin Thompson, Christian Kirk, and Curtis Samuel. Generally, anytime I see multiple shares of one player it means I’m higher on that guy than most.

What did your draft season bring to your fantasy football lives? Who did you miss out on that you wanted to have on at least one team? I have no shares of Baker Mayfield and that makes me a little sad.

Let’s hear it in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @gridironborn.