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Your reactions about Bears vs. Packers

We took to Twitter to see exactly how you guys are feeling about our Bears after watching a weird Sunday of NFL football.

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Chicago Bears Quinn Harris-USA TODAY Sports

That wasn’t the way the 2019 Chicago Bears was supposed to kick off the season, but it happened, and the team has to try to figure out what went wrong. The Green Bay Packers did some interesting things on defense to stymie Chicago's O, but I questioned the game plan and the personnel usage last week. I wasn’t alone in criticizing the Bears, as our entire staff at WCG fired off their own thoughts either here at the site, on social media, or our podcast channel.

And we weren’t the only ones either, as coverage of our favorite team definitely skewed negatively after the 10-3 loss, not only from the national media members, but the local guys as well.

But it’s just one week, and the Bears have fifteen others to work at this season starting with Sunday against the Denver Broncos. After watching the weird day of games yesterday we asked you guys, via Twitter, the following question.

Some of you guys did choose to go the direct message route to stay anonymous, but others shot their thoughts at us as a comment,.

Here are some of the best.

Glass half full...

The bears game was definitely discouraging but I’m not scared yet. Week one is wonky a lot, and Mitch didn’t look good until after a few weeks last season too.

About the Thursday night game. I’m not really too concerned YET. I believe they can bounce back. Thursday just was a shit show. Just seemed like everyone on offense was making so many mental mistakes. I really feel like the pressure of going out there and living up to the hype really held them back from living up to the hype. No one was focused enough to play and be themselves. Even Nagy. Last year he played too conservative and GB came back and won. This year maybe he felt like he needed to be more aggressive but just got caught up in it and never found that balance between run and pass because they were behind and desperately started doing everything to get down the field. I’m ready for Sunday and I’m predicting Montgomery and Cohen have a big game as I expect Nagy to run the ball a lot more.

Honestly at this point the part I’m most upset with still is that the Bears had that performance against the Packers. If it had been another team it still would’ve sucked, but it’s way harder to move on because it happened against them and now we have to suffer all the GB fans gloating about it incessantly. Still optimistic for the rest of the season tho! ⬇️

Nothing that happened Thursday are things that can’t be fixed. A lot of what happened was mental. They just need to take a step back and look at things one week at a time. Just having a game in can help with that even with a bad result.

I believe we are giving GB way too much credit. That defense didn’t do a damn thing spectacular. It was Chicago self imploding on itself on a national stage. At least the defense came to play so at least we aren’t in bad shape like the Dolphins, Falcons, Steelers, Jags and Bucs. At least we aren’t the Dolphins .... Amen to that.


Still licking the wounds from Thursday. If Trubs continues to be this bad how many games/seasons before they go a different direction or are we looking at cutler 2.0?

Is it time to think extension on Trubisky? Wouldn’t the extension be a steal if his development isn’t overblown? If not, then was the 2nd pick a failure by Ryan Pace?

Glass half empty...

Mitch is a bust. Wishing it wasn’t true won’t undo it. He couldn’t beat Duke! The evaluations of “accurate and smart” are literally the exact traits he lacks. Shows how talent evaluators are prone to group think. Watson and Mahomes played more and won more—Watson did it against Alabama in the title game...twice! Can’t teach accuracy, not the sort of thing that gets better. Doesn’t see open receivers, holds the ball and throws in to coverage. Hoping he’ll get better is a bad strategy. Don’t throw good money after bad. Move on as soon as possible.

After constant optimism that Mitch could be on the same tier as the other QB’s taken with his class, after last game it’s almost run dry. I know it’s the first game of the year, but this feels different than last. Mitch has had too long of a leash and if Thursday was any indication, Mitch isn’t the answer. Our defense is championship ready and I’d hate to see QB play be the reason we can’t progress. This feels like Blake Bortles 2.0.

Where are you guys at on the team after one game?