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Are the Bears closer to being good or bad in 2020?

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NFL: Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Rosters, front offices, coaching staffs, schemes, and the narratives surrounding all those things are in constant motion in the NFL. The changes could be large or small, depending on the situation, but a tweak here are there is on the horizon for every team, and it’s for sure going to happen this offseason from Chicago Bears’ general manager Ryan Pace and head coach Matt Nagy. We’ve already seen some assistant coach turnover and that’s just the start for this franchise.

We’ll get some futures odds on the 2020 NFL season from NFL Betting in Michigan very soon, but for now, taking everything into consideration, where do you see the arrow of this franchise pointing for next year?

Wining their final game to make it to .500 was a big deal in that it prevented the franchise from their fifth losing season in six years, but it’s truly just a cosmetic look for a team that will try to bounce back in 2020.

Figuring out if this franchise is closer to the NFC North title team from just one year ago or closer to the inconsistent team we saw in 2019 is going to require some serious self-scouting from Pace, his coaching staff, and all the way down to the 53rd player on the roster.

There are some clear issues on the team, but none larger than at quarterback. Too many times in 2019 I watched Mitchell Trubisky get to the top of his drop and fail to pull the trigger after second guessing himself. Were there other times when the pass protection broke down around him or his receivers dropped a ball? Oh. Hell. Yes. But those are things that were out of his control, I’m concerned with the things that the QB can control, and him failing to make the correct pre and post snap read, missing wide open players and/or not even seeing them, was a problem from week one.

If Trubisky was seeing and hitting open receivers then the Matt Nagy play calling issue — and he had his fair share of issues too — wouldn’t have been as prevalent.

The 2019 Bears ended the season 8-8, but with average QB play they would have ended up with double digit wins. No matter the stat or metric you pick to use, Trubisky was below average this season.

Getting better play from the quarterback spot is a must for the Bears in 2020, with the best case scenario (considering how much they invested in him already) being for Mitch to be the man that steps up his game, but the Bears need to have a better plan in case he doesn’t.

Pace will address the position via a veteran that has starting experience, and quite possibly with a draft pick or at the very least, an undrafted free agent to compete in camp.

The offensive line needs a tweak here and there, the secondary needs some youth, and another pass rusher is needed, but I still like the overall depth of this team and I think they’re closer to being good than bad in 2020.

So, where do you see this .500 Chicago Bears team trending next season?


Are the Bears closer to being good or bad in 2020?

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