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NFL Insider predicts Andy Dalton to the Bears

... but considering the source, we can probably cross Dalton off the Bears’ list of options.

Cincinnati Bengals v Miami Dolphins Photo by Michael Reaves/Getty Images

There’s a very good chance that the 2020 NFL season will have several shakeups at the quarterback spot, not only with new rookies entering the league, but with veterans changing addresses too.

The Chicago Bears are likely in the market for a veteran QB, and whether that’s via trade or free agency, I’d expect some competition for Mitchell Trubisky once the league year opens.

We’ve already gone over most of the realistic quarterback options for the Bears in this article, so let’s take a look at what one NFL insider thinks general manager Ryan Pace is going to do. And considering that insider is CBS Sports’ Jason La Canfora, who is notorious for being wrong about the Bears, I think we can all cross Dalton off the Bears’ list of options.

Chicago Bears – Andy Dalton. I figure Mitchell Trubisky is maybe handed the starting job for Week 1, with so many jobs on the line for mistakenly drafting him too high in the first place, with they need someone to push him. Dalton would make a lot of sense. New coordinator Bill Lazor working with him in Cincy, knows the offense inside out, is cheap enough on a one-year deal. Trading for him would make a ton of sense. Dalton loved playing for him, is close with Lazor, is a great example for the youngster and the Bears know they need to win more games. Reminds me of Marcus Mariota/Ryan Tannehill from a year ago.

Before I get into Dalton’s possible fit in Chicago, let’s address his take on the Bears “mistakenly” drafting Trubisky too high in the 2017 draft. With the benefit of hindsight we all now know that the Bears should have gone in another direction, but back then the experts were more taken aback by the trade up rather than the pick itself.

It’s been talked about ad nauseam, but Trubisky was the top quarterback of several insiders, analysts, and draftniks back then, however wasn’t everyone’s QB1, so let’s see how La Canfora had the quarterbacks rated that year by checking out his 2017 mock draft.

He thought Trubisky was going three picks later than he actually did by having the Browns move up to 5 for him. He had Patrick Mahomes going 11th and Deshaun Watson going 13th, so his mock was awfully close to what really happened with the QBs that year.

I suppose, considering La Confora’s track record, that we should have known that Trubisky wasn’t going to be the QB1 of the draft class.

But as for Dalton to Chicago, I think it does make sense, but I also think the Bears would entertain other options ahead of him.

I don’t follow La Confora’s hit rate when it comes to predicting stuff for other teams, but here’s where he has some of the quarterbacks going in 2020.

Brady to the Chargers makes sense, but I can also see him with the Colts, and I think the Saints are going to ride with Bridgewater in 2020 which makes Brees an attractive option for a GM that has been enamored with finding his own Brees.

What are your predictions for the great QB shuffle of 2020?