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If the Bears were sold, who would you like to see buy them?

Dollar Bills Photo by Lambert/Getty Images

A recent hacking of the Chicago Bears Twitter account that indicated the team was being sold to a Saudi Arabian official got me thinking about if the Bears would ever be sold.

I don’t see that ever happening, but what if the franchise were to go on the market?

With a current valuation of near $3.5 billion according to Forbes magazine, it would surely shatter the record for the most ever paid for a professional sports team, and this little Forbes snippet took me by surprise.

It’s the worst-kept secret in the NFL that the Chicago Bears have had an offer on the table from someone willing to pay $4 billion.

I must be out of touch with the billionaire’s club, as I never heard about that secret, but who could it be?

The current Chicago sports landscape features the Ricketts family owning the Chicago Cubs, the Wirtz family owning the Chicago Blackhawks, with the Chicago Bulls and Chicago White Sox owned by the Reinsdorf family.

Some of the richest people in Illinois are Ken Griffin, Sam Zell, and Thomas Pritzker, but the NFL and the Bears are a global brand that would attract potential buyers from everywhere.

With only one Super Bowl title to their name, the Halas family hasn’t had the same success as other long time family ownership groups, and a lot of Bears’ fans would welcome new ownership.

Would you like to see the Bears sold, and if so, to whom?