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Specific details of the Jordan Howard trade conditions

Check out where the Bears are set to pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Chicago Bears v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

It’s already been reported that the Chicago Bears would not be receiving a conditional 5th-round pick from the Jordan Howard trade to the Philadelphia Eagles since the conditions were not met, but now the specific conditions have been revealed.

The PhillyVoice’s Jimmy Kempski is reporting that one of the following four conditions had to be met in order for the 6th-rounder to become a 5th-rounder.

1) 1000 rushing yards - Howard ended the season with 525 rushing yards.

2) A Pro Bowl appearance - He did not make the Pro Bowl.

3) At least 50% of the team’s rushing yards - He ended up with 27% of the Eagles rushing yards.

4) If Howard is re-signed to a new deal before 2020 free agency - No one expects the Eagles to re-sign Howard.

Kempski says “it’s a pretty safe bet that the Eagles and Howard will not agree to a new deal before Howard tests free agency.”

Brandon Lee Gowton, the Editor In Chief of SB Nation’s Eagles site, Bleeding Green Nation, says “let’s be real, that ain’t happening.”

It’s possible that Philly could re-sign him after free agency starts and his market is set, but it seems like that fourth condition will not be met, so that pick remains in the sixth round.

Here are the Bears picks in the 2020 NFL Draft.

  • Second Round (43rd overall, From the Oakland Raiders)
  • Second Round (50th overall)
  • Fourth Round (projected compensatory pick)
  • Fifth Round (Conditional from the Oakland Raiders)
  • Fifth Round
  • Sixth Round
  • Sixth Round (From the Philadelphia Eagles)
  • Seventh Round