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Bears’ Mitchell Trubisky underwent shoulder surgery

The Bears’ starter went under the knife immediately after the season.

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

After injuring his left non-throwing shoulder in a late September contest against the Minnesota Vikings, Mitchell Trubisky was never quite the same in 2019. He was forced to battle through a partially torn labrum through the rest of the calendar year. Attrition took its inevitable toll, as it always does. Fortunately that ailment should no longer be a nagging issue for the 25-year-old.

As soon as the 2019 season concluded, Trubisky had surgery on the shoulder, reports ESPN’s Jeff Dickerson. Barring any setbacks, a typical full recovery from the procedure is around two months. By March, that means Trubisky will be prepared for every Bears off-season activity.

The 2020 off-season, and by extension the coming fall, is incremental for the now fourth-year starter. Trubisky has yet to prove he is the bona fide, long-term franchise quarterback the Bears believed they were drafting in 2017. If he’s going to change the narrative surrounding a career that’s quickly circling the drain, he’ll need every boost and lift he can get. He’ll also need to be healthy.

If maintenance on a shoulder that ate away at his body for over three months is the first step in such an ascendance process, then Trubisky is well on his way.

Robert pulled a muscle getting up out of bed the other day and doesn’t see what the big deal is about playing through a torn labrum.

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