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Breaking down the Ryan Pace-Matt Nagy Press Conference

In the latest Bears Banter Podcast, Bill Zimmerman looks for the meaning in Ryan Pace’s words at his year-end press conference.

NFL: Chicago Bears-Press Conference Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The latest Bears Banter Podcast is here! Bill Zimmerman breaks from format and goes guest free because there is a lot on his mind after the Chicago Bears disappointing 8-8 season.

Zimmerman dives into the Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy year-end press conference. There’s been a lot of outrage about what was said, but Zimmerman is far more interested in what was not said and thinks that is what’s telling about this press conference.

Plus, there are going to be some changes on the roster for the 2020 season, some due to performance and some due to financial constraints, but now is as good a time as any to go position by position and see what changes should be made, and what changes shouldn’t be made (stop saying to get rid of Leonard Floyd!).

Check out the latest podcast below and keep on the look out for more offseason Bears Banter Podcasts with some top notch guests!