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Ten Thoughts on the NFL: New coaches, playoff picks, and more

Wild Card Round - Seattle Seahawks v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images

1) Minnesota Vikings tight end Kyle Rudolph pushed off on his game winning touchdown against the New Orleans Saints.

2) With the Saints not getting the ball at all in overtime it has started up another round of debate over the NFL overtime rules. Football isn’t a single phase game, so if a defense can’t get a stop, then that’s just too bad, but I have a feeling we’re in for another rule change that will allow each offense to get at least one possession.

While I like the college OT rules, I don’t want to see them in the NFL.

3) Philadelphia Eagles QB Carson Wentz leaving their wildcard game with a concussion brought out questions about his toughness and whether or not he’s “injury prone” and I just wish this type of old-school ignorance would just go away. With what we know about head injuries these days there’s no shaking off a concussion to get back into the game.

Wentz was fantastic for the Eagles in leading them to four straight wins to get them into the playoffs in the first place. He averaged nearly 300 yards a game in those 4 wins with 7 TDs and no interceptions, all the while throwing passes to backup receivers.

4) When Wentz exited the game they turned to Josh McCown, and while he wasn’t able to lead his team to victory, he definitely won over the media and fans in his post game presser.

5) The New England Patriots dynasty is probably* over with Tom Brady throwing a pick-6 against the Buffalo Bills in what looks like it could be his final pass in a Patriots uniform. There has been rumblings all year about Brady wanting to move on to a different team once his contract is up, and with rumors that Bill Belichick was ready to turn the reigns over to Jimmy Garoppolo before he was traded to the 49ers a couple years ago, everything is pointing to a breakup to the most successful head coach - quarterback tandem in the NFL.

* I say probably because I would never count out the Pats with either Brady or Belichick still in New England. If Brady leaves I would expect them to aggressively get a competent QB, and if Belichick steps down I would expect Brady to come back with a vengeance for New England.

Also in regards to Brady leaving...

6) This is interesting...

What’s more likely, the Lions actually taking Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa or them wanting that perception out there to drive up the trade value for the 3rd overall pick?

7) Did anyone have Baylor coach Matt Rhule becoming the next coach of the Carolina Panthers? Rhule, who turned Baylor’s program around after previously turning Temple’s program around, was a hot name this offseason, but most thought he was heading to the New York Giants.

Carolina made sure that Rhule wasn’t going to fly to New York.

If you snooze you lose.

8) Then again, we’re getting the Giants spin now...

But there was also a report out there that the Giants asked permission to interview former Dallas head coach Jason Garrett, so who knows when the Giants actually settled on their guy.

And not gonna lie, I’ve never heard of Joe Judge.

9) This offseason is going to be a fun one for Bears’ fans!

10) Since my wildcard playoff picks stunk and my NFC champ prediction was eliminated, I’m taking a mulligan and picking over with the divisional round set.

Give me the 49ers over the Vikings, the Ravens over the Titans, the Chiefs over the Texans, and the Seahawks over the Packers.

I’m still taking the Chiefs over the Ravens in the AFC Championship game and give me the 49ers over the Seahawks for the NFC Crown.

My Super Bowl winner will remain as the Kansas City Chiefs.

Who you guys picking this weekend?