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Kreutz: “Nagy had enough [of Trubisky]”

Olin Kreutz talks Bears on the Bears Banter Podcast

Chicago Bears v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

It’s the latest Bears Banter Podcast with a great guest, none other than Olin Kreutz!

The Chicago Bears might be 3-0, but Olin Kreutz has plenty of opinions that aren’t all positive. Olin gives us some great analysis on the Bears’ defense up front and how much they miss Eddie Goldman, and perhaps how much Danny Trevathan misses Goldman. Kreutz also gives a tremendous breakdown of the offensive line and why it’s working better than last year. He gives some great insight previewing the Colts game as well as commenting on Devin Hester’s comments about Jay Cutler.

But Kreutz had some great insight on the switch to Nick Foles from Mitchell Trubisky. Olin wasn’t surprised that Nagy made the move to Foles when he did. He thought Nagy was frustrated with the quarterback play and was ready to make that change.

“Coach Nagy had to change his whole identity for Mitch Trubisky to fit Mitch’s strengths really. I think at some point, Coach Nagy said I’m just done watching this. I’m done watching I-Formation. I’m done just running the ball- the boots, the short passes... This is not what he wanted to be doing,” Kreutz said. “If he was going to go down, he was going to go down with Nick Foles being his quarterback. When they got to that point of the game against the Falcons, it had been three quarters against the Lions, the offense looked terrible, it was a whole half against the Giants that the offense looked terrible, and now it was another whole half against the Falcons who aren’t very good defenses, looked really bad, and Coach Nagy had had enough.”

Kreutz brings it and gives a tremendous interview. Check out the podcast below!