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Just One Play – Under Pressure (Week 5, 2020)

 Let’s break down some film from Bears-Buccaneers, shall we?

Well, congratulations (or I’m sorry) everyone! I decided to turn last week’s video into a series. Moving forward I’ll try and break down one play from the previous game each week. These are much quicker to produce than, say, a fully scripted and edited Quick Dive, so I should be able to manage it.

This week, we’re taking a look at a play that I feel represents both the Bears/Buccaneers game, as well as the team as a whole. This one’s a little longer, clocking in at 14 minutes, but if you duck the boss, I’m sure you can squeeze it into your bathroom break.

WhiskeyRanger is a freelance graphic artist/content creator, an avid Bears fan, and apparently speaks in the third person. You can follow him on Twitter @WhiskeyRanger29, and check him out on Youtube at WhiskeyRanger.