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Fantasy Forum Week 6: Kyler Murray Spotlight

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Arizona Cardinals v New York Jets Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images

When I laid out my quarterback rankings this year, I found myself including Kyler Murray in my top 5 every time I thought about it. Patrick Mahomes? Fresh off a Super Bowl - no brainer. Russell Wilson? Absolutely, let him cook. Lamar Jackson? Of course the reigning MVP makes the list. But why Kyler?

Murray’s rookie season provided a fair amount of justification - 3,722 yards through the air, another 544 on the ground, and 24 total TDs. You figure he throws for a few more yards, cuts down on the mistakes, and he vaults up into that elite territory even if his rushing starts to take a back seat.

Well, part of that appears to have happened. Murray’s on pace to eclipse 4,000 yards passing and throwing for more than 25 TDs. The rushing stats? They’re actually increasing! Murray has already accumulated 296 yards on the ground with 5 scores. He’s got a chance to rush for over 1,000 yards and, if this ridiculous pace holds, score 16 times on the ground.

I have one share of Murray and the thing I like the most is the consistency. He’s put up 27-32-21-28-29 points in his five games, providing a solid floor every week. That’s a nice thing to have. Plus, the Cardinals defense is bad enough that he’ll be asked to carry the offense every week.

Looking ahead at the schedule, Murray has a chance to rake with Dallas, Seattle, Miami, Buffalo, and Seattle again. All four of those teams have struggled holding down opposing fantasy QBs with the exception of the Dolphins, who clock in around league average. The fantasy playoffs feature games against the Eagles and 49ers, both around average against fantasy QBs.

There are only two QBs I’d consider trading Murray for straight up - Wilson and Mahomes. Josh Allen has had a better season so far and if you like that trade, I won’t argue with you, but I put Allen and Murray in the same tier at this point. Murray has quickly turned into one of those guys that I’m constantly checking in on to see what he’s doing. He’s exciting, he’s talented, and he’s incredibly valuable to our fake game.

What’s going on in your fantasy leagues as we enter Week 6? Hit us up in the comments or on Twitter @gridironborn and @whiskeyranger29.