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Bears Over Beers: Big Nick Energy

Foles rolls ATL and Rivers is on the Horizon

Chicago Bears v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Todd Kirkland/Getty Images

The shift has occurred: Trubisky is out and Foles is in. The Bears rolled out of ATL with a victory they had little business getting. Foles had mind-boggling performance and turned the Bears fortunes around late in a game, and may have turned the outlook for the season around as well. Jeff and EJ dig into the how’s and why’s of this improbable victory that sets Chicago up at 3-0 in the young season.

After all of that, it’s on to the Colts for week 4. They’ve got an impressive pair of lines and their secondary had a very impactful Week 3 (two pick-sixes). The offense has a trio of talented runners and although Phillip Rivers arm isn’t what it used to be it’s hard to throw a defense at the 17-year vet that he hasn’t seen. EJ offers predictions about how and where the Bears will need to attack the Colts to win on Sunday.

Be sure to drop your thoughts in the comments about anything and everything relating to your 3-0 Bears.