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Bears Over Beers: Nick Foles, Carolina Reaper

The guys recap the win against the Panthers and lay out keys to success against the Rams on Monday Night Football

Chicago Bears v Carolina Panthers Photo by Grant Halverson/Getty Images

The 5-1 NFC North Division-Leading Chicago Bears. Sounds pretty good, eh?

The Bears Over Beers guys talk about how they managed to win in Carolina and preview the Rams game covering a wide variety of topics including:

  • Fiery Nick Foles is a good Nick Foles
  • How do you rank the top defenders on the Bears? How does Roquan Smith fit?
  • Did the Bears accidentally find a kicker? The Special Teams Player of the Week, Cairo Santos, might just be the guy we’ve been looking for all along
  • Are the Rams any good given they’ve only beat NFC East teams?
  • What to do about Aaron Donald?
  • A tale about tailback Darrelle Henderson, the guy we thought was going to be a Chicago Bear

All that and more over some tasty beverages in this week’s episode. So grab a cold one, put in your headphones and get ready for another big Bears game.

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