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Fantasy Forum Week 7: Evan Engram’s no Good, Very Bad Season

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New York Giants v Philadelphia Eagles
Freeze: so you might be asking yourself, how did I get here?
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If you subjected yourself to the Thursday Night Football game this week (and you should be congratulated if you avoided it), you no doubt saw the 80 yard scramble by Daniel Jones stopped by the dreaded turf monster. An absolute all-time blooper-reel. But what you also saw was yet another dreadful day from Evan Engram.

Engram carries the label of Tight End but he’s really just a big WR, and the Giants plan on paper was to run this offense through him in 2020. The problem is that they haven’t really done that in reality and when they’ve tried to feature him, he’s let them down. Last night, Engram swatted a ball in the air that led to a Daniel Jones interception, tried and failed to hurtle a defender, and dropped a gorgeous throw that would have allowed the Giants to run out the clock. The Eagles then scored the go-ahead TD and iced the game on a Danny Dimes fumble (we can talk about that issue some other time).

The story on Engram was always “if he could only stay healthy.” Well, he’s healthy and he’s not performing well.

Through 7 games, Engram has turned 44 targets into 26 grabs for 223 yards, 8.6 yards per catch, easily his lowest output of his career. He’s failed to reach the end zone through the air (he has one rushing score) and his yards per game are almost cut in half from his career averages.

What do we do with that on our fake rosters?

If there’s a way to make a move for another TE, I think it’s worth bailing from this ship, but productive Tight Ends have proven to be more scarce than originally expected. This might be a situation where you roll him out and hope he turns things around. I have him in one league and I simply don’t see where there’s a good alternative. I may have to sacrifice a good WR to have a chance at improving the position.

Whatever you paid for Engram in your draft, it looks like it was an overpay and he will settle in as a huge draft bust.

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