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Stock up, stock down: Bears-Rams

There was a lot of bad. A lot. Was there even any good?

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Katelyn Mulcahy/Getty Images

This was just a good old fashioned ass-whooping.

Where the Bears go from here is entirely up to them. Maybe this kicks them in the butt and they rally around each other, and come out stronger, and figure something out on offense, but maybe the defense has lost some patience with the offense and this whole thing collapses.

The narrative, nationally, has been that the Bears were 5-1 frauds and that this game was coming. The “I-told-you-so” crowd is going to be loud this week, including on our commenting sections here.

The Jason LaConforas of the world are going to be out in full force and it’s already started.

So either block out the haters or get ready to defend your position, it’s going to be a rough week and it’s about to get a lot tougher with the Saints and Titans next up.

What’s the good to come out of this? Uh...stand by...

Stock up

Eddie Jackson - His stock is already high, but let’s give the man a shoutout for finally getting a score not negated by a BS penalty. He also did very good to come back from that non-contact injury scare. He also lead the team in tackles with Roquan Smith. As long as BoJack is back there, the Bears are in decent shape.

Cole Kmet - Offensive woes aside, it should be promising that Kmet is getting some looks earlier in games and is more visible on offense in general. Now if he could just take some targets away from Demetrius Harris, that would be great.

Allen Robinson - I’m just putting him hear because 1) he’s still very good, 2) he deserves a good quarterback and 3) he caught the Bears’ first 40-yard pass play of the season. Don’t tell me it was garbage time, it still counted.

Stock down

Nick Foles - This was by far his worst game as the Bears starter. I get that the offensive line is bad and that the playcalling wasn’t helping him, but his only answers seemed to be to just chuck it up downfield and hope for pass interference. He threw two ugly picks and could’ve had two or three more. Awful.

Rashaad Coward - How much worse is Alex Bars if Coward keeps getting the start? Seriously? He must be really, really bad. Coward had a penalty on fourth and short and forced the Bears to punt and just overall blocked like fans have come to expect him to.

Matt Nagy - This is probably the worst game of his tenure. The Bears came out with the same discombobulation, making the same mistakes and misses that they’ve had all year. Same thing, different week. At what point do you look in the mirror and realize what you’re calling isn’t working? Maybe you need to call more quick passes and stuff? It was horrendously brutal. I hope this is a wake up for him.

That game gave a lot more fuel to the “Fire Nagy” crowd today.

Who did you have in your up or (let’s face it), mostly down category? Harris and Ted Ginn are the next two I know I left off...