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Fishbain: Bears might need to cut down on offensive personnel changes

Kevin Fishbain talks about the woes of the offense on the Bears Banter Podcast.

Chicago Bears v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

What time is it? It’s time for another Bears Banter Podcast!

It was an ugly one on Monday Night Football.

The offense was ugly.

The defense was ugly.

Every phase was ugly.

Kevin Fishbain from The Athletic joins the podcast to discuss what is going wrong with the Bears’ offense and what they can do to improve upon it.

Kevin discusses several different aspects of the Rams game and this Bears’ team in general. Topics on the podcast include:

  • What to make out of the Brian Griese quote about Nick Foles and Matt Nagy
  • Should the Bears make a move at the trade deadline?
  • How can you improve the offensive line?
  • How can you get the running game going?
  • Is Matt Nagy switching around offensive personnel too often?
  • Is Cole Kmet finally going to be on the field more?
  • Why is the Bears’ defense struggling against the run?
  • Saints- Bears predictions

There’s plenty to unwrap in this podcast so give it a listen below!