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Bears Over Beers: Rams Headbutt the Bears, What’s Next?

A 3-phase beating at the hands of Los Angeles causes a little soul-searching

NFL: Preseason-Tennessee Titans at Chicago Bears Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

A complete butt-kicking like the one the Bears experienced at the hands of the Rams caused us to take a step back, examine what the Bears are (and are not), what they might be able to fix this year, and what might just have to wait until another day (2021).

To be completely fair it is not Bears Over Beers this week but actually Bears Over Bourbon. We have rules: the Bears get shellacked, we go to the hard stuff. So listen in for a little of the Rams wrap-up, and a much deeper mid-season dive into what the Bears aren’t doing or don’t have, and which of those parts they might be able to turn around on the fly to try and right the ship.

Is there anything that will jump-start the moribund offense? Can they win without the defense pitching a perfect game? We go deep to tackle all of these and more on this week’s episode.

As always drop your thoughts about the Bears, the bourbon, or the things we might have missed in the comments section below.