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Windy City Gridiron picks Bears-Saints

After a humiliating defeat on national television, the Bears are looking to regroup against New Orleans. WCG’s staff picks for Bears-Saints.

NFL: OCT 20 Saints at Bears Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

The issue with an NFL season and keeping an even-keeled mind is its structure. The inherent nature of a 16-week campaign means every victory and defeat feel like they carry more weight. When you have a week to stew over one individual game, utter elation, fury, and apathy are natural reactions. There’s no sample size to refer to that can either calm you down or continue to rile you up other than the following game on the ensuing Sunday. As opposed to the other major American sports like basketball and hockey — of which both have 82-game seasons, and who have quick turnarounds three to four times a week —whatever most happened recently is often how a fan will perceive their favorite football team. Recency bias reigns supreme, to the detriment of everyone involved.

The chaotic nature of the 2020 Bears is not a different story.

At around the halfway point of this campaign, it can be safely stated that the Nick Foles-led Bears are not a great team. Far from it, in fact. Following an embarrassing 24-10 beatdown at the hands of the Rams on Monday night, Chicago quite evidently has a lot more questions to answer (quarterback, offensive line, play-calling) than most actual championship contenders. But that does not mean they’re a poor squad. It’s easy to ask everyone in charge to be fired after wire-to-wire defeats. Similarly, it’s easy to break out the anointing oils and proclaim Super Bowl glory after complete domination of opponents. Neither is a wise position to take. In reality, the middle, rational plane is a much more grounded and sensible.

The 2020 Bears are not a perfect team. They’re probably going to be molly-whopped by another team or three the rest of the way. They’re also going to facilitate their own respective beatings. My advice, for your nerve’s sake, would be not to lean into this roller coaster and get too invested in the chaotic week to week flow. It can’t be healthy. And it does a disservice to a still-talented team, albeit one with major flaws.

Windy City Gridiron picks Bears-Saints this Sunday (along with every other NFL game).

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