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Six Picks against the Week 8 NFL spread

Robert S. highlights six picks against the spread that, if betting was legal in Texas, he’d be betting money on this weekend.

Pittsburgh Steelers v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

Good afternoon, Bears fans! Welcome back to another episode of Six Picks, a series where I’ll go through my favorite spread matchups every weekend and explain my reasoning surrounding each pick. It should be a fun way to talk about all sorts of NFL teams and (hopefully) make some money while we’re at it.... or at least all you non-Texans can.

Bears analysis from the Tampa Bay and Carolina games kept me away from working on this series, but Monday Night’s Rams game doesn’t need any extra coverage so I whipped up another edition! Overall this feels like a week for taking favorites — with scoring higher than ever, spreads that are anywhere from -3.5 (Rams) to -10.5 (Eagles) just don’t feel as dangerous as they used to when it comes to betting. With strong teams taking on weak opponents, some of who may be beginning to tank, Week 8 feels like a week for “Goliath” much more than “David”.

Check out the picks below and let me know what you think!

How do you feel about this week’s selections?