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Monday Night Football Open Thread

MNF Open Thread...

New England Patriots v Kansas City Chiefs Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

A rare quadruple duty post here at WCG as this will now serve as the Monday Night Football Open Thread!

Talk about the the MNF games right here...

New England Patriots at Kansas City Chiefs - 6:05 PM (CT) on CBS

Atlanta Falcons at Green Bay Packers - 7:50 PM (CT) on ESPN

This post will now be doing triple duty as it’ll be serving as the Open Thread for Sunday Night Football. Talk about the game as the Philadelphia Eagles take on the San Francisco 49ers, or talk about that disappointing Bears loss.

This will now serve as our open thread to talk about all the noon games in the NFL this week. If you haven’t checked out Steven’s Bears pre game Madden Twitch stream you can check that out down there too.

Good morning. The Bears game was moved to the late afternoon slate this week with all the coronavirus-related scheduling changes that popped up. The Patriots and Chiefs are moved to Monday, the Lions and Saints are still on as scheduled, the Titans might have next week’s game in jeopardy... and oh, right, the Bears are 3-0 and made their quarterback change during last week’s game.

We’ll get into all of what that means for Matt Nagy’s offense and Mitch Trubisky’s future as we go forward here, but suffice to say that it took a comeback the NFL hasn’t seen since... week one of 2020 against one of the league’s worst passing defenses to maintain their perfect record.

Next, they get the Philip Rivers-led Colts, and while the Bears might have been able to ride their bursty-and-misfiring-like-an-old-broken-car-offense and still-good-but-not-as-historically-great-and-needs-some-help-please defense to three wins thus far, making the change to Nick Foles is their hope to get things moving more consistently and turn some of these shorter drives into field goals, field goals into touchdowns, and drive home points when the defense gives them short fields. Also, nothing helps a defense like seeing the other offense sitting on the bench staring at tablets.

Onward to 4-0. Bear Down, my friends.


After the livestream has concluded, this thread will flip to be your early slate discussion thread, so don’t go anywhere!

Well, last week was a thing that happened. We’ll have plenty to talk about with the benching of Trubisky for Foles, still no Allen Robinson contract extension, Matt Nagy’s offense, Matt Nagy: Good Coach or Not, a scrambled league schedule, and I guess the Bears play today.

Of course, all the usual ways to get a hold of us exist.

As usual, we’ll see you at 9:30 AM CT.