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Stock up, stock down: Bears-Colts

The Bears lost their first game or the year and it was U-G-L-Y with no alibi.

Indianapolis Colts v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

The Bears looked bad on Sunday. Like, Sunday morning after a drunken Saturday night hook up ugly.

Which is apt, because frankly after the first three weeks, it kind of felt like a fun, drunken bender. Fans were happy to look past the wild comebacks, lucky breaks and spotty play on all sides because ‘hey we’re winning! 3-0 baby, order another round!’ But now, we’re waking up and realizing that maybe we overdid it.

The silver lining is it’s a short week to Thursday with a chance to redeem themselves, or at least to look competent.

All phases were ugly against the Colts, so let’s break it down.

Stock up

Roquan Smith - Dude was everywhere. We need this Roquan every week, in fact, if we got this Roquan every week, we’d probably feel a heck of a lot better about the defense. Smith had 11 solo tackles and 13 total and nearly had an incredible falling-backwards interception. He had three tackles for loss. More of this, please Roquan.

Darnell Mooney - Is this a reach? Maybe, but it was an ugly game and not many silver linings or clear-cut “up” options emerged. Mooney had five catches for 52 yards on nine targets. I think he was open at least a couple other times and was either missed or not targeted.

Allen Robinson - Just in case you were wondering, Robinson remains the Bears’ best offensive player. Regardless of whether or not the quarterback can find him or throw it to him with any consistency, but Robinson will get yards and get open. He got 101 yards and a nice touchdown (so what if it was garbage time?). He is turning it around after a couple rough moments to show that he is still the best receiver and overall weapon on this team.

Stock down

Anthony Miller - Talk about hero to zero, but I feel like this is just where it is with Miller at this point. At some point we have to stop waiting for Miller to “put it all together” and/or “take the next step.” No different than a quarterback or many other positions, at some point you just are what you’ve been. Miller is a hot-and-cold receiver, when he’s on, he can be very good but when he’s not feeling it or not in rhythm or whatever, he can be a liability. He had three catches for 16 yards on five targets and had a pass go through his hands turn into an interception.

I want to say I’m done with him, but I just need to lower my expectations; I expect Miller to be on the stock up and the stock down list several more times this season.

Charles Leno Jr. - Leno got absolutely bullied and pushed around by Justin Houston. Granted, Houston is very good, but this was a very bad game for Chicago’s LT. Leno is sometimes unfairly criticized, in my opinion (he’s fine as a LT, average to slightly above, but isn’t Pro-Bowl or All-Pro type, but hey those guys are hard to find), but this was a bad game for him.

Special Teams - I don’t know if I’ve ever put an entire unit on this list, I am sure I have some time because I’ve been doing this for a few years and there have been some doozies of games in that time. Anyway, the special teams were bad against Indy. A blocked punt set the tone for the game that included numerous penalties. They accounted for half of the eight penalties called against Chicago Sunday. Brutal.

Who did I miss? Who is up and down in your book?