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Bears Over Beers: Mack Pillages the Buccaneers Backfield, Bears Beat Brady

Jeff and EJ stay up late to record their thoughts on the big Bears victory over the Bucs

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Tompa, excuse me, Tampa Bay Buccaneers sailed into Soldier Field on Thursday night, hoping to walk out with an easy victory against the Chicago Bears who, according to some national pundits, had already maxed out their projected win total of three for the year. Tom Brady managed to get some quality time with Khalil Mack in the Bucs backfield and along the way forgot how to count to four. It’s tough to blame him as focusing on things like what down it is can’t be easy when you’re watching a chiseled piece of granite hip toss your giant rookie right tackle like a sack of potatoes from a prone position on the Soldier Field turf.

Alas, the league did not give Tom Brady a mulligan and the Bears held on for a thrilling 20-19 victory. The Bears Over Beers team stayed up late to record their thoughts on the 4-1 Bears including:

  • Kyle Fuller’s play of the game
  • Nick Foles steady hand
  • Jimmy Graham mea culpa
  • The aggressive mentality of Matt Nagy

All that and more in this week’s Bears Over Beers!

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