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This is why Nick Foles is QB1

Former NFL player Emmanuel Acho breaks down Nick Foles in a way that only a former NFL player can, and it’s magnificent.

NFL: OCT 08 Buccaneers at Bears Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Sometimes I come across something so beautifully done, all can do is just marvel in its splendor.

That’s exactly how I felt after watching Emmanuel Acho break down the Nick Foles to David Montgomery pass late in the Chicago Bears win over the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

And I’d imagine that’s exactly how Emmanuel Acho felt when he watched Foles’ 13 seconds of cerebral footballing earlier today.

See for yourself.

The passion in which he breaks down Foles’ pre-snap maneuvering left me wanting more.

More from Acho, but also more from Foles.

Once I get a chance I plan to dive back into the Bears vs Bucs film to look for more of these Foles’ nuggets of diagnosis.

When head coach Matt Nagy made the decision to bench Mitchell Trubisky, it was because he wanted to see things like this from his QB1, and Trubisky’s mental acumen wasn’t at this level.

Trubisky has more physical traits than Foles does, but the mental mistakes were too much for Nagy. Mitch may very well get to a point in his understanding of the game where he can make snap decisions on the fly and under pressure, but with the Bears defense being ready to win right now, Nagy needed a quarterback he could trust right now.

Foles will never elude pressure and take off for a big scramble like Trubisky can, and we’ll certainly see Foles make some mistakes because he does have limitations, but we’ll also see him make plays like this and trust his playmakers to do what they do best.

Also, with Foles’ injury history it’s likely we’ll see Trubisky back in at some point, so hopefully his time on the sidelines will help him grow as a quarterback.

So, now that we’re two games into the Foles era, are you feeling any better about the direction of the offense?

I know I am.