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Sunday NFL Open Thread and WCG Sunday Livestream

Maybe someday the Bears will have an offense.

NFL: DEC 22 Cowboys at Eagles Photo by Andy Lewis/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

Talk about the Sunday nighter right here (Cowboys vs Eagles), and if you missed it, check out our Twitch stream from this morning!

Good morning. As long as we’re turning back the clock, can we turn it back to before we knew the results of Monday’s game?

The Bears followed up a solid performance against the Panthers by putting a complete tire fire on the field against the Rams. The offense, non-existent. The defense, beat up and down the field between the 20s. Special teams? Still waiting for them to catch a punt and affect field position.

It was the kind of performance where if you thought the Bears didn’t deserve their 5-1 record, you were absolutely validated, and if you thought they did, you hope it was a game on the level of the Packers against the Buccaneers, a one-off anomaly of bad.

But even now, with the Saints (without Michael Thomas) coming to town, and the Bears coming off their worst outing of the season, they’re still 5-2 and in a good position to still contend for a playoff berth as well as the NFC North. That’s kind of contingent on them figuring out something, anything, that works on offense, but maybe Monday was the catalyst for the Navy and Orange to take a long, long look in the mirror. And maybe duct tape a couple of offensive linemen back together.

Onward to 6-2. Bear Down, my friends.

This is your Open Thread for all the early game action. As always, Open Thread Responsibly (TM).

The WCG Sunday Livestream returns with a note that the Bears’ two losses have occurred during stretches where the Livestream did not air. Okay, we’ll wear it.

We’ve got Allen Robinson clearing the concussion protocol, Cody Whitehair sitting out for the first time, and Dwayne Harris stepping up into Ted Ginn Jr’s job of staring at punts as they hit the ground— er, I mean the punt return game. We’ll also try to figure out what hope there is to salvage a useable offense out of this mess.

Of course, all the usual ways to get a hold of us exist.

As usual, we’ll see you at 9:30 AM CT.