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Bears Over Beers: Missed Opportunities Lead to Tough Loss

Jeff is joined by special guest Bill Zimmerman to cover a tough post game loss

New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

By virtue of a Packers loss to the rival Vikings in the early slate of games, the Bears entered their contest with the Saints in 1st place in the NFC North and with a chance to claim the totally fake “NFC South” crown by beating the Saints and sweeping the division. It was not to be as the Bears lost a heart breaker in overtime.

For those of you that spared yourself the suffering, the Bears had chances up to and including the overtime, where the defense had a chance to end it on both Saints overtime possessions. Nick Foles did some good things, he did some bad things, but in the end, it wasn’t enough to pull out a win.

In a rare Sunday night recap, Bears Over Beers host Jeff Berckes is joined by Bears Banter host Bill Zimmerman to talk recap and commiserate. They tried their best to cover the following without overheating:

  • Javon Wims, searching for a new career in boxing?
  • No Daniels, no Whitehair, and losing Bobbie Massie early left the Bears with three backup offensive linemen. Results were... predictable.
  • The Follercoaster returns.
  • Brees gave the Bears chances with two throws in overtime - one to Roquan, one to Eddie - with three Saints fumbles all getting recovered by NOLA.
  • Alvin Kamara had a big day - Derrick Henry and Dalvin Cook on the docket next.
  • Allen Robinson is still amazing, and Miller and Mooney played as well as they have all season.
  • On the other hand... Jimmy Graham shouldn’t be on the field between the 20s, Cole Kmet still not making much of an impact.

All that and more on Bears Over Beers. Make sure to follow the show as we return next week to break down the Titans game and preview the Vikings in our normal late week slot. Until then, follow JB @gridironborn, EJ @thedraftsmanFB, and Bill Zimmerman and his Bears Banter show @ZimmermanSXM.