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Parkins on Bears offense: There’s nothing good

Danny Parkins joins Bears Banter and discusses the current slump.

Chicago Bears v Tennessee Titans Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images

The latest Bears Banter Podcast has dropped!

The Score’s Danny Parkins joins and brings plenty of strong opinions about the current state of the Chicago Bears.

It’s a great conversation with Parkins that you don’t want to miss. Some of the topics on the podcast include:

  • How much blame of this offensive skid is on Matt Nagy?
  • Is there any hope for Nick Foles?
  • The offensive line, oh boy, the offensive line
  • Ryan Pace’s roster construction on offense
  • Are the seats warming for both Pace and Nagy
  • Can the Bears take a big swing at QB this offseason?

The toughest pill to swallow from Parkins came when talking about how the offense could be fixed for this season. The way Danny looks at it, it certainly doesn’t seem like there’s any hope for this season.

“It’s a total complete failure. Other than Allen Robinson and maybe Darnell Mooney, there isn’t a single piece of the offense that you would grade as even being average, much less above average,” Parkins explained. “None of it is special. They have no good run blockers. They have no team speed. They have very little tight end production in terms of yardage; Jimmy Graham has been okay in the red zone. There’s nothing good. There’s no strength about it. It really is a collective failure.”

That’s certainly not a ringing endorsement from Parkins. It’s a great podcast, so check it out below!