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WCG Sunday Livestream: Week 10 - Bears Vs Vikings

Wait, can you hear an air horn before the livestream even begins?

NFL: Chicago Bears at Tennessee Titans Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning.

Remember when the Bears were 5-1, the Vikings were their own collective group of bad, trading away Yannick Ngakoue, and it was assumed the tank was on?

Since then the Bears have dropped three straight, the Vikings won the next two divisional matchups coming out of the bye, Dalvin Cook has played like the star back that he is, and oh by the way, the Bears offense still hasn’t figured out how to consistently move the ball with any degree of execution, is starting three fence posts at offensive line, and just decided to hand over playcalling duties to Bill Lazor for at least one game.

I’m not sure if you could find two teams heading in different directions, with nearly reverse records, playing to the opposite of their current records quite like these two.

Nevertheless, the Bears head into their bye after tomorrow night’s game, and if the Navy and Orange hope to stop this free fall and avoid dropping from 5-1 to entering the bye at 5-5, it’s going to take something in the offense to finally start clicking with consistency. Whether it be Anthony Miller shaking off the ups and downs that have been his career to date to finally be consistent, Darnell Mooney burning the Vikings secondary, Allen Robinson taking over a game, or figuring out how to get Ryan Nall more swing passes (reaching here, I know), hopefully Lazor’s playcalling opens something up that Nagy’s did not.

Onwards to 6-4, tomorrow night. Bear Down, my friends.

The WCG Sunday Livestream is a solo show today, what with the game being tomorrow and all, but weeknight games throw us all off and between the bye and the Thanksgiving weekend, we didn’t want to risk three weeks with nothing, so here we are.

Besides, it’s not a bad thing for us to just catch up together.

We’ll talk about the playcalling switch, what it means, if it means anything, and who might benefit from Lazor at the mic. We’ll also give appropriate kudos to the defense as we always do.

Of course, all the usual ways to get a hold of us exist.

As usual, we’ll see you at 9:30 AM CT.