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Where the positive Bears fans at?

After 4 straight losses, I’m surprised any of our fans are still confident in the direction of the Bears.

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New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears Photo by Quinn Harris/Getty Images

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Four losses in a row.

One of the worst offenses in the NFL, but a good enough defense and special teams to keep them in most games, which will only keep them from the top of the 2021 NFL Draft.

The head coach and general manager are regularly questioned by the media and fans alike, and with a matchup with the division leading and rival Packers up next, their seats could ignite with an embarrassing loss.

This team doesn’t have a very good offensive line or a quarterback worth a damn, so what is there to look forward to as Chicago Bears’ fans?

The latest SB Nation Reacts has us at all time low in regards to the confidence we have in the direction of the franchise.

We’re down to only 6% of our Reacts’ voters having any faith in the team at all, and I’m surprised there are that many.

There are only three fanbases that are less confident in their team than we are; fans of the Detroit Lions (5%), Philadelphia Eagles (5%), and Houston Texans (0%).

I want to hear from some of our glass half full Bears’ fans just to help convince me that the future isn’t as bleak as I think it is.

I want to believe there’s a way for the franchise to get out of this funk, but at this point I just don’t see it.


Do you think you’ll see another Chicago Bears Super Bowl win in your lifetime?

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