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The season is lost... Again

It’s November and Bears fans already have nothing really to look forward to. Here’s Robert Zeglinski’s take on what he thinks is in store for the rest of the 2020 season.

NFL: OCT 04 Colts at Bears Photo by Robin Alam/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

EDITOR: This started out as a bye week roundtable question posed to our staff, asking them to give us their take on how they think the Chicago Bears will finish out the 2020 season, but with some of our team really elaborating on their answers we decided to give each a spotlight of its own.

I honestly don’t even know how to respond to this. I mean, I do, but they’re carbon copies of the conversations people who follow this team have had for almost every year for decades.

We’re asking, “How do you want the Bears to finish the season?,” in November. Again.

There’s already discussion of plans for spring’s draft, before Thanksgiving. Again.

And seemingly everyone has their eye on the head of the snake, er, the owners, to sell the team and or blow everything sky high. Again.

Is that not the saddest, most utterly deflating reality to confront over and over? What’s the endgame here? Where did the Bears — a perennial, embarrassing failure — earn a right to all of this unwavering attention?

Universally beloved for precious history that occurred before most active fans had developed enough of their minds to have any memory the last time they weren’t a consistent afterthought.

They are genuinely not worth much of any energy or a worthwhile investment — in what is supposed to be entertainment — at the midway point of a season.


That’s all of which needs to be stated right now.

Call me in April in regards to desires for anything related to the Bears.

I’ll jump back on board again then, I suppose.

(I would say it begs the question as to whether Bears can get this fall back on board, but that’s an assumption. Everyone knows that’s not happening.)

Spend quality time with your families on Sundays the rest of the year.

I’m certain they miss you.