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An Inside Out look at the Chicago Bears

Will (aka WhiskeyRanger) dives right in and psychoanalyzes his feelings about the 2020 Chicago Bears.

Minnesota Vikins v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

EDITOR: This started out as a bye week roundtable question posed to our staff, asking them to give us their take on how they think the Chicago Bears will finish out the 2020 season, but with some of our team really elaborating on their answers we decided to give each a spotlight of its own.

Also, in case you weren’t aware, WhiskeyRanger’s name is Will.

I am Will’s cold and logical Frontal Lobe.

Knowing full well that the higher the Bears get to draft, the greater the chances that they land a good quarterback prospect, I would like to see them lose out. Also in an effort to keep starters healthy and get young players some experience, I would like to see them use a heavy rotation at most positions. An investment and revamping of top level scouting, and a heavier influence from coaches and the scouting department in the draft room would be welcome as well, seeing as Ryan Pace is over-all a good drafter, but struggles in the 1st round and is often too aggressive in getting “his guy”, costing the team draft capital for players that tend to hit about as often as players they let come to them naturally.

I am Will’s saccharine Right Atrium.

I am a fan of the Chicago Bears. I want to see them win out, make the playoffs, and have a wildcard Cinderella story that culminates in a Super Bowl Championship. I want my Michigan Avenue parade. I would hate to see them tank, both because it hurts my soul as a Bears Fan, and because doing so has impacts on the locker room and organization that stretch far beyond simply having a higher draft pick. Bad teams have a tendency to stay bad. As I genuinely like Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy as people, I would like to see them overcome their deficiencies and bring this team back to the promised land. Besides, everyone loves a redemption story.

I am Will’s raging Frustration.

I want to see the Bears clean house in the off-season. Fire Ryan Pace, Matt Nagy and Ted Phillips (just cuz). Burn it all down, and dance naked in the moonlight amidst the flickering flames. Then wake up the next morning, sober up, and hire a savvy, experienced GM, possibly with playing or coaching experience. Someone who can delegate, and isn’t afraid to surround themselves with experts, and take their advice. Someone who knows you don’t need to be the smartest guy in the room so long as you surround yourself with intelligence and experience. Let them find a Head Coach that fits what this team is, and what it can be. Someone who is flexible, and willing to adapt while working towards their goals. Someone who’s voice is just as welcome in the draft room and free agency meetings as it is on the field. Also bring back the Honey Bears, pay them like the full-time team representatives and promoters that they are (instead of indentured servants like most teams do), and set them loose to bring cheer and enthusiasm back to a fan base that is in desperate need of it.

I am Will’s seething Self Loathing.

I just want to see them do... something. I don’t want to hate-watch this team. I don’t want it to feel like work. This is supposed to be fun. I want to drink because I’m enjoying myself, not because I need to dull the pain. Stop making me a self hating Bears Fan. So whatever you do, make sure it’s not... nothing. Unfortunately, I feel like that is exactly what they will do.

And then I will be Will’s Complete Lack of Surprise.