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Bears Over Beers: Victory Laps & Concessions

Jeff and EJ take a look back at what they got right and what they got wrong about the Bears and the NFL in 2020

New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

With ten games on the books for the vast majority of the league, Jeff and EJ take a step back, fresh off the bye week, to examine what they got right and what they got wrong about this 2020 Bears season and the NFL writ large.

The discussion ranges from Nick Foles and Mitchell Trubisky, of course, but includes talk on Roquan Smith, Jaylon Johnson, Robert Quinn, and Allen Robinson. As this is the season for over-indulgence and an odd holiday season where many of you might be looking to fill some time otherwise occupied by travel and family, we opted for more of a long form episode and let it rip.

Thank you to everyone who gives us a listen every week, we really appreciate it. And to those of you who skip listening to the podcast and immediately head to the comment section, we hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving as well.

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