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Best Bets: Bears-Packers spread, total and survivor picks

Literally no one in Chicago is excited for this week so let’s just make the picks and get out of here

NFL: Green Bay Packers at Indianapolis Colts Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Look, this is not one that we’re looking forward to. We pretty much know how it’s going to go. The Bears are not good and there’s absolutely no reason to think that they’re going to have found some magic elixir during the bye week that will allow them to suddenly have a functioning offense.

No matter who the quarterback is, no matter who is on the offensive line, none of it will matter.

Anyway, we’re looking to rebound after a down week. Jeff and Sam once again got duped thinking that the Bears could cover against a bad team but here we are.

In the pick ‘ems league, Sam has lost his lead and is fading with his three worst weeks of the season. He turned in a five-point week last week, which allowed him to about keep pace but Little G and Assy McGee are running one and two, respectively.

Boss man Lester was the top scorer last week with an eight, which should tell you a little about how the sportsbooks all cleaned up too. Jeff is lurking in seventh.

In the survivor pool both Sam and Jeff took a strike, Jeff’s first, Sam’s second. That’s what we get for trusting a division rival. Shame on us. We weren’t the only ones though, two others took strikes on the Vikings and Little G was eliminated by taking the Lions.

And so, without further ado, let’s get to this week’s picks:

Chicago Bears at Green Bay Packers (-8.5, O/U 45)

Sunday, 7:20 p.m., NBC

Sam: I’m already queuing up “Everybody Hurts” and “Sound of Silence,” my go-to songs for ugly, bad Bears losses.

I don’t think there’s anything that tells me the Bears can hang with their nemesis Aaron Rodgers or this Packers squad. Sure, maybe the defense keeps it close, but with such an inept offense, things can get ugly quick, as fans know all too well.

The Bears haven’t covered in this series since 2018 and Chicago has not covered the spread following their bye, which, oh by the way, they have also lost those games outright in the process.

I’m doubling down on my doubts and fears and laying the 8.5 with the Packers. Yes, it hurts, yes I am a bad fan, but the way I look at it, if I end up losing money on this bet it’s the best money I’ve given away in a long time.

Hammer the under, these teams haven’t gone over in this series since Nagy got to Chicago.

As for survivor, remember when I said I was doubling down? I’m taking Green Bay this week. I’m on my last strike, so if I get eliminated, it’s the happiest strike I could possibly take and the best possible way to get eliminated.

There may also be a hopeful reverse jinx I’m trying to pull over on the Football Gods. I’ve never wanted to be more wrong than this week, believe me.

Picks: Green Bay -8.5, under 45, Green Bay (survivor)

Jeff: I don’t want to play this game this week. Honestly, I can’t put in print that I’m betting on the Packers over the Bears. I’m simply not willing to put that out there. So, I’ll say this - I’m taking the Bears +8.5 but I think that none of you should listen to me. In fact, if you were smart, you’d do the opposite of what I’m saying above. Also... the o/u is 45 and while I’d love to believe that’s some sort of respect for the Bears defense, that’s a reflection of the Bears not having an offense. Hammer the under.

I’m still irritated at my strike in survivor last week. When Taysom Hill was announced as the starter, I changed my pick from the Saints to the Vikings. Dumb. Simply dumb. I had been planning on taking the Saints there for weeks and I got chicken because of that weird TE/Personal Protector/Wildcat QB. Anyway, I’m taking the Browns against the Jags this week. I’ve already burned the Dolphins and I’m going to save the Seahawks and Raiders, the other teams I was thinking about using, for another week. Let’s go Nick Chubb!

Picks: Bears +8.5, Under 45, Browns (survivor)

What are your bets this week? Which side are you playing?

Follow the guys and send them your picks on Twitter: Jeff is @gridironborn and Sam is @SamHouseholder