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Bears losing streak really hits its stride in 41 to 25 collapse against Packers

The Bears offense flirted with competence at moments, but the defense flipped the script and rolled over early and often to expose their belly to their Packer masters in a dismal performance by our free-falling Beloved football team.

Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers
Why is Mitch looking in a different direction than his O line? Probably because IT DOESN’T MATTER.

I don’t like seeing the Bears lose. I don’t like seeing the Packers win. Seeing the Bears lose to the Packers makes me physically ill. I’m sure I’m speaking to the choir. To be honest though, coming into this game during an existential-crisis-type downward spiral when nobody thinks the Bears will win actually took the edge off a little this time. Maybe it’s because I wasn’t able to pull off the mental gymnastics necessary to believe the Bears were going to find a way to pull it out. Give me a break, we’re in the middle of a pandemic and I’m not Simone Biles.

Box score at your own risk.

Trubisky’s double-edged edge

Trubisky came into this game a little mad, and he had plenty of reason to be. He was benched with an unexpectedly short leash halfway through week three, and the offense since has not made a convincing argument that he was the problem. He’s been unfairly criticized for a trade up to draft him and will ever be compared to the best quarterback to enter the NFL since Sid Luckman, and he’s been put through a rollercoaster of fan love and/or hate that he tries his best to ignore but would no doubt effect anyone. On top of that, his shortcomings aren’t from a lack of hard work or good attitude. He started the game shouting a no-doubt motivating speech on the sidelines, and his play started aggressive, decisive, and effective. Record scratch. His double coverage throw to the Darnells was exactly the type of Trubisky moment that has been killing us for years.

So the Packers walk into the red zone on the first drive without Aaron Rodgers having to do anything...

Then he gets to nap in the pocket for six seconds before throwing to his super star receiver for an easy tud. Ugh.

Missing Eddie Goldman AND Akiem Hicks is a problem

Over the season, the Bears have done better than I accepted about finding ways to keep the run in check despite missing their chubstar nose tackle Eddie Goldman for the season. Not surprisingly, Akiem Hicks was a big part of the ways they found. Missing both let to some big holes for inside runs. Is there anything more embarrassing for a defense than giving up 8 to 10 yards at a time to pedestrian runs straight up the middle? Don’t answer that.

Brent Urban’s bare midriff was the only bright spot on the Bears defense

He’s a growing fan favorite, despite starting off rough with some ill-advised air-guitar celebrations. But moving on to air paws and showing a little skins has really started to endear him to me.

Hahahahahhahaha, Mason Crosby

It’s an extra point in your home stadium. Hahahahahaha. You just have to kick the ball straight, loser. Hahahahaha.

Biscuit’s first throw is a 3 yard fireball to Allen Robinson!

Let’s gooooooo...

Speaking of big runs down the middle...

Packers defense made David Montgomery look as good as Gil Brandt continues to insist he is on his first run of the game.

Kmet’s ability to drop passes coming up big in the red zone

His drop being called incomplete instead of a catch and fumble allowed the Bears to kick a field goal, basically amounting to a three point play. Who says our second round pick isn’t contributing? Bonus points, in certain positions, Kmet was also rocking the bare midriff look, though much more bashfully than Urban. If we can get more of the team going with this, we can start calling it the Bear midriff style. Who says no?

Excuses Biscuses

Wherein I make an excuse for every Mitch Trubisky incomplete pass.

Kmet dropped it. Robinson couldn’t hold on to it. Trubisky through it to a Darnell in the end zone, it’s not his fault it was the wrong one. Mooney slipped. It’s not an incomplete pass if it’s a fumble. That was more of a throw away. tbh. That one doesn’t even go on the stat sheet because it was PI all the way and even da refs saw it. When it’s third and 11 you gotta go for it #armpunt. He probably just wants that one back. I missed that one, but it was probably a smart throw away. That was just a tiny bit too low for Darnell Mooney: he obviously misses Tarik Cohen. I made it to the 4th quarter before I stopped caring. Not bad, tbh.

Bilal Nichols doing some okay things in the backfield

On the Packers second drive, Nichols got a silly roughing the pretty-boy call on Rodgers and then got paws in the backfield for a missed-ish tackle on one of the Packers dumbo running backs. Getting there is half the battle. Keep pushing that line, Bear.

Well, we can’t just blame this one of the offense

It’s nice for a little change of pass in the method of heartbreak the Bears deliver to us. Another silver lining of the defense playing this poorly—besides easing up on the feeling that the Bears are wasting an elite defense—is the proof of how important my favorite Bear, Akiem Hicks, is when the Bears crumble in his absence.

The condescending pat on Davante Adams’ helmet is perfect quiet-man trash talk from Kyle Fuller

Most cornerbacks like to chirp. Kyle Fuller likes to speak with his play, but we got to see a fun moment of playful pettiness from Fuller when he patted Adams on the helmet after an uncharacteristic drop from the Packers star receiver. At least I hope that’s what it was. If it was a moment of earnest empathy I’ll be quite annoyed.

I didn’t see it with that Leno holding call

Just because clumsy Packer Rashan Gary falls over during his bull rush. No big deal tho. It only took away a first down to a third and forever that the Packers turned into a blitz to “forced” fumble to touchdown. Whatevs.

New look offensive line

On paper, I was big on the changes they made to the offensive line. Whitehair has showed more promise as a guard than a center, Ifedi has proven himself a more capable tackle than Coward, and Mustipher has been refreshingly competent in his limited opportunities at center. After a few hiccups, it showed a bit of promise on the field as well, with nigh-adequate pass protection and the best running game we’ve seen in Navy and Orange since Daniels’ injury.

Is that Steve Carrell as Santa in an xfinity commercial?

Big get for the media company. Not sure why it would effect anyone’s purchasing decision. Tell me about a discount or I’m not listening.

Mitch betta have my Mooney

Yes, I already used that pun once in a tweet. Thank you for paying attention. It deserved a bigger audience though, and the chemistry between Trubisky and 5th year rookie Darnell Mooney was palpable. Definitely something to build on enjoy in the moment.

Bounce-back (and forth) Biscuit

I was worried after Mitch Trubisky’s interception was followed some rough throws and a fumble, but he came back after the fumble to lead a 2 minute touchdown drive and begin his ascension to his eventual hall of fame career which would solidify him as the most celebrated Chicago sports figure in history followed up with a failed drive and a pick in his next two possessions.

And now Cordarrelle Patterson with a Bear midriff sighting

My plan is growing legs...

There was a holding call against a Packer who was holding Khalil Mack

So I can only assume no Bears fan will complain about Packers not getting holding calls or calls not getting made against Khalil Mack again. Was fun while it lasted.

I see you, Buster Skrine

The Packers tried to take advantage of a one on one matchup with Skrine on Davante Adams in the 4th, and Skrine earned the opportunity to do that finger wag motion DBs like to do. I didn’t see him do it, but it would have definitely been within his rights. Nice moment.

Allen Robinson had a better game than Davante Adams

Solidifying his spot as the top receiver and top AR12 in the NFC North.

When Robert Tonyan beats Eddie Jackson for a touchdown, you know it’s over.

The Bears offense scored 10 points in the first half. They were on pace for twenty non-garbage-time offensive points, then cashed on on garbage time to drop a whopping 25 burger on the reeling Packers defense. Trigger warning: I just used the word “Pace.” Regardless, it was a triumphant moment in Bears offensive history and was beautiful while it lasted.

I think Nick Foles is a better quarterback for this offense. You don’t see the sadness in his face.