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Peppler: I’ll remember Trubisky as a bust

Shae Peppler brings it on the Bears Banter Podcast!

New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The latest Bears Banter Podcast is here!

The last couple of games the Chicago Bears have shown a lack of talent on offense, but that’s not the case on this podcast as the very talented Shae Peppler joins the podcast!

The former Fox Chicago Bears’ reporter turned ESPN Radio host gave a great interview with plenty of opinions on a variety of topics.

Shae discuses what she thinks has gone wrong so far this season, she questions why the Bears haven’t given Allen Robinson a contract extension, gives her thoughts on the job performances of Ryan Pace and Matt Nagy, discusses the offensive line woes and of course, we chat about Nick Foles and the Bears QB situation.

We finished the episode talking about Mitch Trubisky as, with his latest injury, every sign continues to point to his Bears’ career being over. Shae was asked, as someone who’s covered Trubisky, how she would remember him, and she certainly didn’t mince words.

“As a bust. I’ll remember him as a bust. That’s what he is. You gave up a lot to move up to get him and he didn’t pan out. I gave Mitch Trubisky a lot of benefit of the doubt in the beginning because this is a guy who learned under Mike Glennon,” Peppler stated. “He didn’t have Brett Favre. He didn’t have Tom Brady in his corner or Drew Brees. Mike Glennon was who he came in and learned under, okay? And John Fox was his head coach. Mitch Trubisky didn’t have the easiest transition into the NFL, but if you take a guy that high in the draft, you would have to expect he has some NFL IQ and he could figure it out as he goes and he didn’t... and he’ll go down as a bust.”

Shae is full of opinions so check out a great podcast below!