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Chicago Bears’ fans confidence check

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New Orleans Saints v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

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They say the healing can’t begin until you’ve reached rock bottom, and as Chicago Bears fanatics we’ve been hovering around that point for a while now.

With another loss to lament, this one a narrow overtime defeat that dropped the Bears to 5-3, I expected to see our SB Nation Reacts confidence results to plummet even further from last week’s low of 12%, but it didn’t drop.

In fact, it went up to 17%.

The previous week’s loss, 24 to 10 to the Rams, was much more devastating than the 26 to 23 loss to the Saints, but was there enough of a silver lining in that L to flip 5% of our voters positive?

The Bears have a chance to really get the good vibes flowing with the 5-2 Tennessee Titans up next, especially if they can pull out a win while dealing with so many injuries.

The Titans aren’t exactly 100% healthy either, but a W in Tennessee would be a quality win and another reason for fans to cling on to some hope.