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WCG Sunday Livestream: Week 9 - Bears Vs Titans

Remember when a kicking game was the Bears’ main worry?

NFL: New Orleans Saints at Chicago Bears Mike Dinovo-USA TODAY Sports

Good morning. 5-1 seems so long ago.

The Bears have two games left before they hit the bye in week 11, and arrive at a crossroads. If they lose the next two, today against the Titans and next Monday night against the Vikings, they’ll stumble into the bye at an even .500 record and on a four-game losing skid. Of course, winning either (or both) of the next two ensures a winning record at the bye with a slight easing of the schedule.

If only there was a semblance of an offense that could take advantage of the opportunities the defense has given them this season. Alas.

Either way, this week, it’s the Titans and the bowling team that is the Titans offensive line and Derrick Henry. Like the Bears, they come in off a two game losing skid attempting to right the ship. Unlike the Bears, they have a top five rushing attack and Ryan Tannehill can move the ball at an acceptable NFL level.

Against the Saints, the Bears started with the lead, surrendered it with a third-quarter collapse, rallied to tie the game and send it to overtime, held, got the ball, and their offense immediately gave the ball back with good field position and the Saints won the game.

The Navy and Orange have a lot of obstacles towards having a good offense - offensive line injuries, an unsettled and generally not good quarterback position, receivers that you just aren’t sure who besides Allen Robinson will show up - and then, penalties. To counteract Henry, the offense executing when Henry slows down is paramount. Can they? At all?

Onward to 6-3. Bear Down, my friends.

The WCG Sunday Livestream is relieved that they aren’t the cause of the Bears being bad at football lately, but concerned that they have to talk about what makes the Bears bad at football. Today we’ll revisit the quarterback room, figure out if there’s any change offensively that can have any meaningful impact, and fear Derrick Henry appropriately.

Of course, all the usual ways to get a hold of us exist.

As usual, we’ll see you at 9:30 AM CT.