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Javon Wims Ignored His Coach’s Advice

Saints defensive back C.J. Gardner-Johnson was taunting the Bears and wide receivers coach Mike Furrey saw. He told his players to take the high road, but Javon Wims went low.

Chicago Bears v New York Giants Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images

Chicago Bears wide receivers coach Mike Furrey is disappointed in third-year receiver Javon Wims. More than a week after Wims was ejected from a Sunday afternoon game against the New Orleans Saints, Furrey virtually met with the Chicago Bears media to discuss the play. According to NBC Sports Chicago, the coach had sat his players down and instructed them to, “not get involved with [C.J. Gardner-Johnson]. Do not retaliate.” He even gave them specific instructions of what not to do. “Don’t put your hands on him. Don’t head-butt him. Get back in the huddle.”

Everybody who watched that game or caught highlights is well-aware of what happened next. Wims ignored his coach, went well out of his way to track Gardner-Johnson down after a play and instigated a brawl.

Furrey took a protective approach to his retrospection of the events. After seeing his player do the exact opposite of what he was instructed to do, the former pro football player and third-year Bears coach clarified his disappointment at the situation. “When someone’s trying to protect you from maybe ruining your career, you need to listen.” The approach Furrey took to the situation could be compared to a parent who just saw their child ignore their advice; what did you learn? Now you see what I was trying to tell you.

Gardner-Johnson has a history of goading receivers into altercations. His own teammate Michael Thomas was held out of a contest earlier this year after they had a scuffle in practice.

Wims has one more game left to serve from the two-game suspension the league gave him after the altercation, and the Bears have yet to announce if they’ll add to the punishment.

The biggest lesson to draw from this: Listen to your coach!