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NFL Power Ranking: How many teams are playing worse than the Bears?

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Chicago Bears v Green Bay Packers Photo by Stacy Revere/Getty Images

These Power Ranking compilations are no fun when the Chicago Bears are playing poorly, let along sucking completely on a five game losing streak.

Seeing what the national pundits have to say when the team is fighting through some adversity is one thing, but when there aren’t any publications that believe the franchise can turn things around, it makes for a depressing time putting this together.

Technically speaking, there’s still one more game to be played this week as the Pittsburgh Steelers host the Baltimore Ravens on Wednesday afternoon, but it’s safe to say that both those teams will still be far in front of the Bears in the rankings regardless of outcome.

Here’s where the Bears stand right now.

Yahoo Sports has it like this.

20. Chicago Bears (5-6, LW: 17)

Matt Nagy is 25-18 as an NFL head coach. That record might surprise some who have heard nothing but criticism of Nagy for the better part of the last two seasons. The Bears are in a weird spot. Nagy doesn’t look like he can turn around an offense that was supposed to be his calling card. But he doesn’t have a terrible record and no matter how weird NFL Coach of the Year voting is, he has that award, too. There’s a case to be made for him to return, yet most Bears fans wouldn’t be happy if that happened.

Athlon Sports has it like this.

24. Chicago Bears (Last week: 21)

The Bears have spent a total of $72,873,362 on their quarterbacks since 2017 for a 30-29 overall record. Let that sink in.

The USA Today has it like this.

24. Bears (22): Surely any lingering delusions Chicago fans harbored vanished with Chicago’s on-field effort Sunday night at Lambeau Field.

Sports Illustrated has the Bears at 21.

It doesn’t seem to matter who’s at quarterback, this offense just isn’t good enough. It felt true in Week 1 and it remains that way in Week 13. I don’t think they’re going to fix what ails them in 2020.

ESPN still has the Bears hanging on in the teens!

19. Chicago Bears (5-6)
Week 12 ranking: 16
Most important game remaining: Week 13 vs. Detroit

The Bears have dropped five straight and desperately need a victory to keep their fading playoff hopes alive. Losing Sunday’s game to the Lions at home would be the ultimate embarrassment after Detroit just fired coach Matt Patricia and general manager Bob Quinn. The Lions clearly are bracing for another rebuild. The Bears might be on the same road unless they snap out of it over the final five games and do enough to save Matt Nagy’s and Ryan Pace’s jobs. — Jeff Dickerson

And so does the Sporting News!

19. Chicago Bears 5-6 (16)

The Bears’ 5-0 start based on big comebacks was an absolute mirage. The passing game issues persist with either quarterback and now the defense is wearing down and struggling in key spots all over the field.

Pro Football Network has the Bears way down at 28th!

Mitchell Trubisky got the start in Green Bay. That didn’t go well. Chicago’s defense played far too many minutes and got no help from the offensive side of the ball yet again. This is Chicago’s fifth loss in a row. Big picture: From general manager to head coach to the quarterback, there aren’t many organizations in worse shape than the Bears.

Where do you think the Bears deserve to be this week?